Criticism is something all of us must face

The truth is, critics are a fact of life, and criticism is something all of us must face. In fact, the only way to avoid criticism is to live an isolated life where people aren’t exposed to your work, personality, or behavior. Sometimes the criticism we receive is valuable, even helpful.

If you think about it, a landslide political victory would be one where the winner received 60 percent of the vote. That means that even in a convincing win, 40 percent of the people will be wishing the winner had lost!

Realizing this somewhat startling statistics has helped me to keep the criticism directed at me in its proper perspective. No one is important enough, good enough to escape their share of criticism.

I asked an extremely calm person as to how he handles bad reviews and criticism. He told me, “I always try to see if there is grain of truth in what is being said. Quite honestly, there often is. In these instances, I try to learn what I can, and then let go of it. Very often my greatest growth comes directly after a dose of criticism. The worst thing to do is take it personally and become defensive.”

No matter how hard any of us try, no matter how positive our intentions, there will always be someone there to criticize us.

Welcome to the human race when you make the decision to stop fearing your critics. Then your ego and self-image won’t be hurt any more, and your life will seem a great deal less stressful.

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