Contact details of Yadagirigutta Temple

Contact details of Yadagirigutta Temple (Phone number and postal address of Yadadri Narasimha Swamy Temple) are provided here..

How to reach Yadadri Temple

Yadagirigutta is at a distance
6 Km From Raigiri Railway Station
13 km From Bhongiri Bus station
60km from Hyderbad State Capital City.

Sufficient no of buses by R.T.C From Many Depots
Private vehicles/own vehicle by devotees
Temple is also maintaining a mini bus with 24 seats from uphills to downhills
Railway line upto delhi
6 km Raigiri,
13 km Bhongiri
Auto Rikshaw Facility with many autos playing 18 hours in a day from bus station/raigiri railway station to up hills

Contact details of Yadagirigutta Temple officers..

1. Executive Officer / Fax 08685 – 236755

2. Administration Office = 08685 – 236645

3. Reception Office = 08685 – 236623

4. Tolegate = 08685 – 236620

5. Yogananda Nilayam = 08685 – 236664

6. Temple = 08685 – 236622


Reception Land line: 08685 236623

Asst.Executive officer (Reception): 8333994006

Superintendent (Reception): 8333994013

Superintendent (Reception): 8333994014


Temple Land line: 08685 236622

Asst.Executive off (temple): 8333994005

Superintendent (Temple): 8333994015

Superintendent (Temple): 8333994016


Admin off.Landline: 08685 236645

Executive Officer Landline: 08685 236755

Asst.Executive officer: 8333994007

Superident (Admin): 8333994008

Pathagutta temple superindent: 8333994020

Engineering Wise:

Executive Engineer: 08333994001

Dy.E.E: 08333994002

A.EE.: 08333994004

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  1. If needed Antique painting in D temple, contac me please.

  2. munender says:

    Sir yadadri lo Temple mundu unna shops lo oka water bottle cost mrp rates ki minchi extra charge chestunaru..2 lit water bottle cost 50 rs undi dinipina action tisukovali Ani korutunnanu..and kanisam Temple lopaliki veletapudu kaalu kadukovataniki kuda water leni paristithi undi que line lo kothulu problem undi please sove these complints….

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  4. P SESHAGIRI RAO says:

    Whether Kalyana mahothsavam to the Lord is performed with devotees participation. If yes , please mail me details such as cost and timings no. of people allowed etc.,

  5. PURNACHANDER Chidara says:

    Dear sir today Available kalyanam tickets in yadadri

  6. d.pardhasaradhirao says:

    great work was done for the temple really appreciate the cm and all those who are involved in re building the temple. the devotees who are visiting the temple all appreciate the work. but the cleanliness and attitude of the security ,pujaris not changed. some of the devotees feel sad of the circumstances. pl concentrate on overall improvement of the cleanliness and pujaris behaviuor

  7. Srinivas arao Korlapu. says:

    Dearsir, ప్రసాదం పులిహోర నైవేద్యానికి ఉపయోగపడే విధంగా చేయడం లేదు దయచేసి ప్రసాదం యొక్క క్వాలిటీ పెంచవలెను పులిహోర అనేది తృప్తికరమైన నివేదన