Chogadiya Muhurat (Chogadia) in Hindu Astrology

Chogadiya Muhurat (Chogadia) is an important part of Hindu Astrology. Chogadiya Muhurat is decided based on the planetary positions in 24 hours of the day.

Chogadiya muhurat are especially used at the time of urgency or suddenly you are planning for journey. Time of Chogadiya muhurat differs day to day.

These are of seven types.

  1. Amrit Chogadiya – it is auspicious time to start new works
  2. Udyog Chogadiya – Auspicious time
  3. Rog Chogadia – Inauspicious time to avoid
  4. Labh chogadiya – auspicious time
  5. Shubh chogadiya – auspicious muhurat
  6. Char chogadiya or Chal chogadia – good time to start new ventures or works
  7. Kaal chogadiya – Inauspicious time

Each day is divided into two time periods: daytime – the period from sunrise to sunset, and night time – the period from sunset to sunrise. Each period contains eight Chaughadiyas.

To calculate the duration of each Chaughadiya, divide the respective time periods by eight. Thus, in each period any one of the seven different types of Chaughadiyas will occur twice. As per this, day and night times have different chogadiyas.

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