Chittur Kavu Devi Temple, Chittur, Palakkad, Kerala

Chittur Kavu Devi Temple is situated in the Chittur municipality, Palakkad town, in the state of Kerala. It is just a 15-km drive from the heart of Palakkad. History states that through the eastern side of the ghat, which is known as the Kongan Nadu, the Kongan army entered Chittur and waged a war against the locals. Unable to face the fierce battle, the local people of Chittur worshipped the main deity, Durga Devi, to help them win.

On winning the battle, it was resolved that the local people would commemorate the victory every year by celebrating the Konganpada festival at the Chittur kavu Devi Temple. One of the important rituals during this festival is the ‘Chanthattom’. According to the local legend, the deity turned deep black in colour owing to this ritualistic offering.

There are several myths about the birth of the main deity and one of it is that she took the avatar to save the people from the demon Daruka, who controlled the three worlds after having obtained a boon from Lord Brahma. Owing to this, the Devas suffered a lot and complained to Lord Shiva to help them.

Goddess Kali originated from the fire that emanated from Lord Shiva and she was assigned the task of killing the demon. According to the boon that Daruka had obtained, not a single drop of his blood should fall on the ground. This was a daunting task for Goddess Kali because each drop that fell would create a new demon.

Lord Shiva helped Kali by creating a monster that would carry the Goddess throughout her fight with Daruka. After an intense fight, Kali finally managed to strike Daruka with her lance and the monsters that assisted her drank every drop of blood that was about to fall on the ground thereby ensuring the end of the demon.

Address- Chitturkavu Devi Temple, Chittur, Palakkad, Kerala.

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