Chhath Puja Special Trains for Patna, Delhi (Anand Vihar Terminal)

Indian Railways will run a special train between Patna and Anand Vihar terminal, Delhi for Chhath Puja 2012.

These trains will run on November 16 and November 17, 2012.

Train number 4071/4072 would be operational between Patna and Anand Vihar terminal, departing from Patna at 5:15 pm to arrive at Ara at 5:58 pm, Baksar 6:48 pm, Mughalsarai 9:35 pm, Allahabad, 11:40 pm, Kanpur at 2:40 am, Tundla at 6:15 am, Aligarh at 9:18 am, Ghaziabad at 11:38 am and finally terminating at Anand Vihar terminal at 12:30 pm.

On its return journey, the train would leave Anand Vihar Terminal at 10:30 pm and arrive at Ghaziabad at 11:05 pm, Aligarh 00:15 am, Tundla 1:35 am, Kanpur 5:30 am, Allahabad 8:40 am, Mughalsarai at 11:35 am, Baksar at 1 pm, Ara at 1:55 pm and finally terminate at Patna at 3:00 pm.

This train would depart from Anand Vihar Terminal on November 16 and leave Patna on November 17.

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  1. Charusheel says:

    train delhi to patna on 1 nov 2013