Character makes a Gentleman

Swami Vivekananda

Swami Vivekananda

As per the words of Swami Vivekananda, good character makes a person into a gentleman. Without having good character, we cannot shine brightly in this world. If we take the example of our ancient saints and sages like Vasishta, Atri, Guru Raghavendra and Shirdi Sai Baba, they have contained very good character, and hence they have become divine persons.

Everyone would like to maintain friendship only with good character people, and they would simply ignore bad natured people. Some people would be rich, they would look handsome also, but their character would be worst, and they would try to cheat others, through their sweet speech. Some innocent people would fall in their trap, and would get cheated by them, and they would lose their money also.

In order to find out the nature of the people, we have to talk to them about spirituality, and at that time, we have to keenly observe their face. If the people are good, their face would turn into bright. Most of the bad natured people would not have the interest about discussing spiritual matters with others. Some would discuss with others just for name sake.

Whenever the parents search for a proper bridegroom for their daughters, most of them are interested to search for a well-educated and a well-employed groom for their daughters. Some people even if they are aware of the bad habits of the bridegroom, they would simply ignore it, and would arrange the marriage function for their daughter with him, if he is wealthy and highly educated.

Ancient people of India, before arranging marriages for their sons or daughters, would carefully verify the character of the bride or bridegroom, and then only they would proceed further. Even if the bridegroom is poor, but good in character, the bride’s family would willfully give their daughter to him.

At the present situation, it is very difficult to find bride for the poor Hindu priests working in the temples, since most of the parents of the daughters are willing to join the hands of their daughters, only with wealthy and highly employed persons.

Let us worship the first god Vinayaka to give good character to us, in order to blossom in our lives.


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