Chandra Grahan on July 7 in 2009 – Effect of Chandra Grahanam on various rasis or zodiac signs

Chandra Grahan or Chandra Grahanam will occur on July 7, Tuesday in 2009. This lunar eclipse is a penumbral lunar eclipse which will not be visible in India. As per many renowned Hindu Jyotish and Panchangs, Chandra Grahan that will take place on July 7 is not much important as it will be invisible with naked eye.

Exact time of Chandra Grahan as per IST is 2.03 pm to 4.14 pm. This Chandra Grahan will be visible in Australia, Pacific Ocean, North America and South America.

Effect of Chandra Grahan of July 7, 2009 on various rasis or zodiac signs:
As per the traditional South Indian or Telugu Calendar or Panchang, Chandra Grahan will take place on Ashada Purnima (full moon day in the month of Ashad) and on Purvashad nakshatra. This Chandra Grahan is not intensive in terms of creating any bad effects on natives of various rasis but it is recommended to be attentive. The natives of Dhanu rasi (Sagittarius) – nakshatras such as Bharani, Purvashad and Pubba should perform graham shanti pujas or rituals associated to Grahan shanti.

Here is the list of Chandra Grahans (Lunar Eclipses) that occur from the year 2009 to 2012.

It should be noted that there will be Sampoorn Surya Grahan (total solar eclipse) on July 22, Wednesday in 2009. Here is the effect of this Surya Grahan on natives of different rashis or zodiac signs   

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