Chandra Grahan on August 6 in 2009 – Effect of Chandra Grahanam on various rasis or zodiac signs

Chandra Grahan or Chandra Grahanam will occur on August, Thursday in 2009. This third of the four lunar eclipses that occur in 2009 is a penumbral lunar eclipse which will be partially visible in India. The first Chandra Grahan in 2009 occurred in February, the second Chandra Grahan is on July 7 and the fourth and last Chandra Grahan in 2009 will take place on December 31. As per many renowned Hindu Jyotish and Panchangs, Chandra Grahan that will take place on August 6 is important as it will be visible in India. This penumbral lunar eclipse will also visible in USA, Europe, Africa and West Asia.

Chandra Grahan Kaal – Time of Chandra Grahan:
Chandra Grahan Kaal or the time of Chandra Grahan that will take place on August 6 is – Chandra Grahan begins at 4.37 hrs IST in the early morning and ends at 7.49 hrs IST.

Effect of Chandra Grahan of August 6, 2009 on various rasis or zodiac signs:

As per the traditional South Indian or Telugu Calendar or Panchang, Chandra Grahan will take place on Sharvan Purnima (full moon day in the month of Shravan), on Shravana nakshatra and in Capricorn zodiac sign. This Chandra Grahan is not intensive in terms of creating any bad effects on natives of various rasis but it is recommended to be attentive. The natives of Makar rashi (Capricorn) – nakshatras such as Shravana, Rohini and Hastha should perform grahan shanti pujas or rituals associated to Grahan dosha.

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  1. Chandra Grahanam says:

    Thanks alot for writing on effects and results of chandra grahanam, in August 2009.

  2. Sharabha says:

    Please give some more details about this chandra grahanam. Is it visible in Indian cities like Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore, hyderabad?

  3. Narayan Swamy says:

    Please write a post on Mantras or slokas to recite during chandra grahanam as well as surya grahanam. I read in a website that Maha Mruthyunjaya Mantra, Astakshari Mantra are most preferable mantrams to recite at the time of eclipses.

  4. venkat says:

    MY marriage is planned on aug’06 10.50 AM.
    Is there any impact of grahanam?
    should i plan to change date?


      Hi Venkat, there is no impact of Chandra Grahan that will occur on July 7. It is an insignificant Chandra Grahan which is invisible in India. It is not mentioned in many Hindu Panchangs. Please proceed for your marriage. HAPPY MARRIED LIFE.

  5. Narasimham says:

    I am planning to do Gruhapravesham (house warming) on 7th August 2009 at 9.18 PM in Hyderabad. Please advise if I can go ahead with this or should I change the date?.. Thank you


      There is no effect of Chandra Grahan which will take place on August 6th in 2009, on the day after grahan when you are planning to do Gruhapravesh i.e on 7th August. If you decided the date by consulting brahmin, then you can go ahead. If not, pleace consult good panditji who can advise and perform Grihpravesh puja for you in this regard. But the day is good to perform Gruhpravesh in my view.

  6. SAMTA says:



      No, it is visible in Asian countires and Pacific regions. It is not visible in Brazil.

  7. SAMTA says:

    hi thks v.much for your reply mr.naveen kumar & i have one more request for u,can u pls inform me if chandra grahan is visible in sao paulo brazil on 6th august. if it is then also pls can u inform us the timings of the same,thks v.much in advance.

  8. Usha says:

    Kindly let me know the Exact timing of Surya Grahan 22July 2009 in Jharkhand in city Bokaro.
    This is my 8th month of pregnancy,Does it possible to sleep at Surya grahan time or what to avoid at this time?
    Thank you very much in advance indeed.

  9. sathish says:

    In view of Chandra grahanam please let me Know, can I go ahead with Grihapravesam on 6th August night 9.00pm at Hyderabad

  10. ankit says:

    i seen surya grahan first time in indore city. 20 july 2009

  11. maha says:

    will u please tell whether there is any adverse effects regarding this lunar eclipse

  12. ramesh says:

    my rashi is Karka(karaktak) what is the effect for me

  13. karthik says:

    Hello friend,
    Please let me know the exact timings of lunar eclipse which is going to held in august 2009 in andhra pradesh(india)…..information provided will be very help please make sure to provide the information quicker…

  14. ASHISH GOSAIN says:

    I would like to know if the lunar eclipse on 6th August, 2009 will be visible in UK around 00:00 am UK Time.

  15. kavita sharma says:

    Please send me the details and effects of Chandra Grahan on rasis on 6th August 2009. Please write to me on Mantras or slokas to recite during chandra grahan.

  16. mruna says:


    Can you please let me know the timings of Lunar Eclipse which is on 6th Aug in USA(EsternTimeZone)?

    Thank you.

  17. zain says:

    hi, can you please let me know the timings of lunar eclipse which is on 6th august in Australia?

  18. Rani says:


    plz tel me the grahan timings in usa on august 6th 2009

  19. shravan Tulsi says:

    Please let me know the timings of Partial Lunar Eclipse on August 6th in USA.

  20. Keerthi says:

    Timings of Lunar eclipse in west Indies and Caribbean nations

  21. sanchita says:

    I want to know if it is visible in indian cities like hyderabad, mumbai, kolkata etc. Please let me know the timings of this lunar eclipse in hyderabad.

  22. lalit says:

    Hello,, can you please let me know the timings of lunar eclipse which is on 6th august in Melbourne,Australia?

  23. Shivakumar Thota says:

    My star is pushyami 3 pada. What mantra can I recite to reduce any ill effects of the chandra grahan

  24. Mohan says:

    when we have chandra grahanam in usa at atlanta.

  25. Mohan says:

    please tell me the timings for chandra grahanam in usa at 6th august 2009

  26. Karthika Kumari says:

    Time of lunar eclipse on december 31 in 2009. Can hyderabad view this grahanam.

  27. Murugan Setty says:

    will you please give the timing details of chandragrahan in Chennai and Tamil Nadu

  28. Lavanya says:

    Let me know astrology predictions of chandra grahan on december 31 in 2009. My rashi is Mesha rashi. Bharani nakshatram.

  29. Soham says:

    dates of chandra and surya grahan in caribbean