Chandra Grahan: April 25|26, 2013 (Lunar Eclipse) – Today

Hawaii Lunar eclipse picture

Hawaii Lunar eclipse picture

Today, 25|26 April 2013 is Chandra Grahan, Lunar Eclipse. It is a Partial Lunar Eclipse, Pakshika Chandra Grahan, taking place in Swati Nakshatram and Tula Rashi. It is a Rahugrastha Chandra Grahanam which has the Nairuthi Sparsha and Agneya Moksham i.e.. it begins in the direction of South West and concludes in the South East direction.

This Lunar eclipse will be visible in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Japan, China, Mauritius, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Oman, Yemen and other Gulf countries and all over Asia, Australia, New Zealand, UK, Germany and other European countries, African continent, South American countries (except the Western parts). This Partial Lunar eclipse will not be visible in USA, Canada, and other parts of North America.

As per the Universal Time (GMT), the timings of Chandra Grahan April 25, 2013…

Penumbral Eclipse Begins: 18:03:38

Partial Eclipse Begins: 19:54:08

Greatest Eclipse: 20:07:30

Partial Eclipse Ends: 20:21:02

Penumbral Eclipse Ends: 22:11:26 UT

As per the Indian Standard Time.. Chandra Grahanam April 25, 26 in 2013 in India

Penumbral Eclipse begins at – 11.34 PM on 25th April 2013 (Grahan Sparsha Kaal) – Visible

Partial Eclipse begins at – 1.24 AM on 26th April 2013 (Pakshika Chandra Grahan begins at) – Visible

Mid Eclipse (Greatest Eclipse) at – 1.37 AM (Grahan Madhya kaal) – Visible

Partial Eclipse ends at – 1.51 AM on 26th (Pakshika Chandra Grahan ends at) – Visible

Penumbral eclipse ends at – 3.41 AM on 26th April (Grahan Antya kaal) – Visible

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