Caste discrimination

Caste discrimination exists since ancient times, and it is an act of prohibiting the lower class people by the upper class people. Lot of violence against the lower class people were taken place, especially during the last century, and through the genuine efforts of the great leaders like Dr.Ambedkar, the SC/ST community people got their own rights, and had the freedom to bravely talk and to move freely around the world.

Many leaders and saints were fought to eliminate the system of caste inequality, and they have also won in their tasks. But still in some parts of India, caste discrimination prevails, especially in some rural villages of the North and South India.

Dr.Ambedkar had done his level best to raise the standard of living of the lower class people, and he is still remembered for contributing his good service to the society. Mahatma Gandhi had named the lower class people as “HARIJAN”, which means people belonged to Lord Hari.

Many Varkari Saints of Maharashtra though they belonged to lower class community, they dedicated their entire life towards singing in praise of Lord Vittala, a form of Lord Krishna. They have seen the vision of Lord Krishna, and also they attained SALVATION.

According to god, he doesn’t give his blessings by seeing the classes of the people, whether they belong to lower or upper class, rich or poor, but he only sees their true bhakti!

The Karnataka Shaivite Saint, the great Basavanna, was against caste discrimination and he fought for the rights of the suppressed classes, and he encouraged women’s participation in Hinduism, and also fought for the rights of women. Similar to him, many great people were spent most of their time towards uplifting the lower community people. The great saint Ravidas, who belonged to lower community, was highly respected by the kings and queens and he even used to eat his food along with them.

The great Kannada Saint, Sri Vyasaraja, was against caste discrimination and he made Kanakadasa as his disciple, who belonged to a lower class, and appreciated his talents, and gave him a suitable position in the court of the great king Sri Krishnadevaraya, and moved with him in a kind manner. Similar to that most of the ancient kings were appreciated the talents of the lower class people, and gave rich gifts to them.

Hence, let us consider all classes of people as the children of Lord Hari, and give them great respect, and give our full support to the Scheduled Caste and Scheduled Tribe people, and treat them as our own brothers and sisters.

Let us worship the great Lord Hari and be blessed.


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