Brahma in Satya Loka

Brahma in Satya Loka

Brahma in Satya Loka

Lord Brahma in Satya Loka.. This picture of Lord Brahma was photographed by me from a Shiva Temple situated inside the complex of my Apartment. I believe that Lord Brahma would be sitting in the Satya Loka in the same posture, similar to the image of Lord Brahma photographed by me. In some small Shiva and Shakti Devi Temples, the image of Lord Brahma can be seen on the Temple Tower, and in some images, Lord Brahma can be seen holding the Sudarshana Chakra and Shanku on his hands.

There are several legends associated with the holding of Sudarshana Chakra and Shanku by Lord Brahma, and as per one legend, being the son of Lord Vishnu, once when Lord Vishnu was in a joyful mood, Lord Brahma has seen the Divine things on his father’s hands, and hence, he requested him to keep it with him for some time. Lord Vishnu also agreed, and after keeping the Shanku and Chakra on his hands for some time, Lord Brahma happily returned back those divine things to his father, Lord Vishnu. Lord Brahma has done like this, in order to increase his creation powers.

Though Lord Brahma is considered as an independent deity, yet, he is always supported by his father, Lord Vishnu. Once, when one of his heads was removed by Lord Shiva, and when Lord Brahma suffers from severe pain out of that, it was his father Lord Vishnu, who has consoled him affectionately and also gently touched on the affected portion of Lord Brahma’s head, and relieved his pain. That’s why Lord Brahma shows more devotion on his father Lord Vishnu, than that of Lord Shiva.

Lord Brahma has performed meditation on Lord Shiva for several times, since he has been asked by Lord Vishnu to worship Lord Shiva. By removing one of the heads of Lord Brahma, Lord Shiva had removed his ego, and made him as a gentle and a powerful god. Lord Brahma is a must to be worshipped god, he is the god of fate, creation and knowledge, he holds Vedas on his hands, and he is the father of the Vedas.

Hence, Let us worship Lord Brahma and Ma Saraswati, in order to get their divine blessings for ever in our lives.


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