Bijoy Krishna Goswami

Bijoy Krishna Goswami

Bijoy Krishna Goswami

Bijoy Krishna Goswami (1841–1899) was a great saint and an ardent devotee of Lord Krishna. During his younger age itself, he was deeply impressed with the glory of Lord Krishna and worshipped him with utmost faith and devotion till his last breath. He studied the scriptures, and also was an expert in yoga and meditation. He went to many holy places and visited Lord Krishna’s shrines and spread the bhakti spirit among others.

At his teenage, he got married to Jogmaya Devi, a pious, humble and a worshipful lady. Though he got married, he was involved in spirituality, and his noble wife also joined with him in his bhakti path. Both of them spread the importance of worshipping Lord Krishna among the masses. She also provided food to the poor devotees of Lord Krishna at her home, and treated them with much respect. She was affectionately called as MATA by her admirers, devotees and the people.

After some time, he become a disciple of “Sri Advaita Acharya”, and went to many holy places throughout india for preaching the importance of vaishnavism, and also worshipped Lord Krishna in Puri, Dwaraka and Vrindavan and become a saint. He studied the Chaitanya Charitamrita, which mentions the life and teachings of Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu, an incarnation of Lord Krishna and also the founder of Gaudiya Vaishnava Sampradaya. He also written some spiritual books and gave spiritual lectures throughout india.


1.Consider Krishna as your god, guide, father and mother and put your burdens on his shoulders.

2.Lord Krishna is everywhere and anywhere in the world. By worshipping him, you will get peace of mind and can get all the prosperity in your life.

3.Don’t get fear about anything. Realize that Lord Krishna is dwelling in your heart, and don’t end up your life, due to problems, and that is not the solution for your problem. Instead of that, continue worshipping Lord Krishna and beg him for removing your problems and live your life with happiness and without any sufferings.

4.Read Bhagavatham, and enjoy the everlasting pleasure in your life. Your mind will get relaxed permanently.

5.Treat everyone as your friend, and give proper respect to them. Don’t talk unnecessarily to others, since that will create lot of troubles in your life.

6.Enjoy each and every moment of your life by chanting the holy names of Lord Krishna.

7.Don’t worry about the life after death. Live your life by doing good things to others, and by having faith on god.


He was a blessed person, who dedicated his entire life in doing good things to others and devoting on god. He had done several social welfare activities such as providing food to the people and also educated the young children by giving them basic education, and made them to stand up on their own legs.

He removed the sickness of the people through his spiritual powers, and through his divine touch. He insisted the people and his disciples to practise yoga and meditation regularly in order to live a disease free life. Through his kind approach, he was loved by everyone and become a great personality.

Let us worship the great saint and be blessed.


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