Bhootaraja | Attendant of Vadiraja Tirtha

Bhootaraja is one of the attendants of the great Madhwa Saint Sri Vadiraja. He is believed to be an amsha of Lord Shiva. In his previous birth, Bhootaraja was born as Somadatta to the great king Bahlika, and he was a great warrior, and an expert in handling all kinds of weapons, and after his death, he was born as Narayana Sharma, who was a great pundit, and he became the disciple of Sri Vadiraja and served him faithfully.

Once he has committed a mistake, and as a result his guru Vadirajahad cursed him to become a terrible demon.In course of time, Narayana Sharma had relieved from his curse and regained his original form, and his guru Vadiraja had blessed him and asked him to stay at Sodhe, and he has renamed him as Bhootaraja.

Bhootaraja remained in an invisible form and began to serve his Guru Vadiraja. Once as per the instructions of his guru Vadiraja, Bhootaraja brought the Utsava idol of Lord Trivikrama from Badrikashrama to Sodhe Mutt and helped his Guru in performing the puja activities in a proper manner.There is a separate temple for Bhootaraja in Sode. We can offer coconut to Bhootaraja, in order to get fulfilled our wishes.In our Hindu religion, there are lots and lots of saints and sages.

Among the various Hindu saints, Madhwa saints are also considered as very holy and pious. They used to do puja and abhishekham to the deities in a remarkable manner. Since they are worshipping their Guru Madhwacharya, an incarnation of wind god, they contain good strength in their mind and body.The great Vadiraja, Vyasaraja, Sri Padaraja and Guru Raghavendra are considered as very great Madhwa saints, and they have incarnated in this earth for honouring the almighty and to give goodness in our lives.


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