Bhishma Tharpanam Procedure | Vidhi with Mantras, Slokas

Bhishma Tharpanam Vidhi, procedure with mantras, slokas, prayers, etc is given here. Bhishma Tharpanam is performed on Bhishma Ashtami. It is a grand tribute to the historical figure and a spiritual guru, Bhishma, who has revealed Vishnu Sahasranama Stotram to the world.

Here is the procedure of Bhishma Tharpanam…

Perform Sandhya Vandana nitya karmas in the early morning on Bhishma Ashtami day.

Sit in the against the East direction.

Chant the sankalpa ” BhishmAshtami punyakale Bhishma Tarpanam karishye”

Having Yajnopavita in Nivita mode, offer Arghyam by both hands in pure water without mixing tila by chanting the following Slokas:

Bhishmah Santanavo virah satyavadi jitendriyah |
AbhiradbhiravApnotu putrapautrocitam kriyam ||

Bhishmaya namah idamarghyam |

Vaiyaghrapada gotraya sankritya pravaraya ca |
aputraya dadamyarghyam salilam bhishma varmane ||

bhishmaya namah idamarghyam |

Gangaputraya Santaya Santanoh Atmajaya ca |
aputraya dadamyarghyam salilam bhishma varmaNe ||

BhishmAya namah idamarghyam |
anena arghyapradanena bhishmah Priyatam ||

It is said that all the Brahmins should necessarily observe / offer their respects of Sri Bhishma Pitamaha.

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  1. Manavi says:

    lunar eclipse tharpanam mantram for 25 04 2013

  2. Dharmarao says:

    Sai ram. This is good seva extended. I hope all will offer Sri bhishma pitama tarpanams and respect . Also honor sanatandharmamu.

  3. tulasi says:

    I wish you always good I got your help this tharpana process

  4. vydehi says:

    thank u for enlightening about procedure sir. thanks a lot sir

  5. Dr.Autar Lrishen Malla says:

    Dear Sir,It was pleasure to learn the Tarpan vidi for offering Hal to Bhishham.Had there been a Sanskrit version in Devnagri lipi it would have helped to
    recite it in proper it is requested that the tarpan may kindly be posted in Sanskrit in Devnagri lipi also to help Hindus to recite it in proper pronounciation.Hopr you will oblige.With regards and Danivad.Autatkrishen Malla


    I got this mantra. can you please check n correct if wrong.
    ॐ वैयाघ्रपदगोत्राय, सांकृतिप्रवराय च।
    गंगापुत्राय भीष्माय, प्रदास्येऽहं तिलोदकम्॥
    अपुत्राय ददाम्येतत्, सलिलं भीष्मवमर्णे॥

  7. Manikandan Mahabalarao says:

    Namaskarams. Today is Bheeshma Ekadhasi. I have a doubt, 3 days before we did bheeshmashtami tharpanam. Meaning bheeshma left for abode on that day(I understood like this). How come VSN came in ekadhasi after he left. Probably is it last ekadhasi?

    • Gopinath Velchamy says:

      Some parts it’s said he left his body on astami… In some tradition it’s beloved he vowed to leave the body on astami and left the body in dwadashi… That’s y this confusion