Bhanu Saptami (Vivaswat Saptami), Vaivasvata Saptami vrat

Vivaswat Saptami or Vaivasvata Saptami is the birthday of Vivaswatha Manu. He was born on Shukla Saptami in Ashada month. In 2017, Bhanu Saptami date is June 30.

Vyvaswatha Saptami is also celebrated as Bhanu Saptami. Bhanu means the Sun God. Bhanu Saptami is the most auspicious Saptami day among all Saptamis.

On Bhanu Saptami day, people worship the Sun God or Surya Bhagawan. Reciting Aditya Hridayam and any other Surya stotras will keep devotees’ health fit forever.

Bhanu Saptami is celebrated widely in South India and some Western parts of India. Vaivaswan’s descendants are called as Suryavanshis, because they are originated from the Sun God. Hence, Vivaswat Saptami is also observed as Bhanu Saptami.

Vaivaswatha Manu was the descendant of Vaivasvan, who ruled Ayodhya. Vaivasvans descendants made their rule on India. Descendants of Vaivasvans sons were called Suryavanshis. Lord Shri Ram was a Suryavanshi. Vaivaswatha Manus daughter, Ella, was married Buddha, the son of Chandra. Her descendants were called Chandravanshis. Lord Sri Krishna was Chandravanshi.

The other important Saptami dedicated to Surya Bhagawan is Rath Saptami which is celebrated in Magha masam.


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  1. Kumar Sharad says:

    Can anyone tell the date of Vivaswat Saptami in 2010 ?? Will be grateful to him/her.