Vivaswat Saptami 2021 | Vivaswata Saptami in Ashada Maas

Vivaswat Saptami or Vivaswata Saptami is the birthday or first appearance day of Vivaswat Manu. In 2021, Vivaswat Saptami date is July 16. It is observed on Saptami day in Shukla Paksha of Ashada Maas.  Vivaswat Saptami is also celebrated as Bhanu Saptami. On this day the Sun God or Surya Bhagawan is worshipped. Vivaswata […]

Today, 23 July 2015, Vivasvat Saptami

Today, 23 July 2015 is Vivasvat Saptami. Vivasvat Saptami is an auspicious day dedicated to worship Lord Sun (Surya Bhagawan). It is believed as the first appearance day of Vivasvat Manu, the descendent of Lord Surya. Worshipping the Prathyaksha Parameshwara (Surya Narayana swamy) on this day gives the devotee better health and prosperity. Vivasvat Saptami […]

Bhanu Saptami (Vivaswat Saptami), Vaivasvata Saptami vrat

Vivaswat Saptami or Vaivasvata Saptami is the birthday of Vivaswatha Manu. He was born on Shukla Saptami in Ashada month. In 2017, Bhanu Saptami date is June 30. Vyvaswatha Saptami is also celebrated as Bhanu Saptami. Bhanu means the Sun God. Bhanu Saptami is the most auspicious Saptami day among all Saptamis. On Bhanu Saptami […]