Bhakti Ganapathi, A form of Lord Ganesha for devotees

Bhakti Ganapathi is the 3rd form among 32 forms of Lord Ganesha. He is depicted with 4 hands (Chaturbhuja). Bhakti Ganapati is not mentioned in 21 types of Ganesha (Ekavimsathi Ganapathi) and 16 types of Ganesha (Shodasha Ganapati). But Siddha Ganapathi of Shodasha Ganpati and Shukla Ganapathi of Ekavimsati Ganesha have similar aspects to Bhakati Ganapathi.

Appearance & Iconography of Bhakti Ganapathi

What Bhakti Ganapathi holds in his right hands (from the lower to upper): Mango and Banana.

What Bhakti Ganapathi holds in his left hands (from the lower to upper): a cup of payasam (milk-sweet) and a coconut.

Bhakti Ganapathi shines in pure white color like the full moon of autumn (Sharad Purnima Chandra).

Bhakti Ganapathi Dhyanam: Bhakta Ganesha Mantram

Narikelamra kadalee guda paayasa, dharinam,

Shrachchashanka sadrusham bhaje bhaktha ganadhipam


Bhakti Ganapathi is worshipped on Sankashti Chaturthi, Ganesha Jayanti, Vinayaka Chaturthi, Durva Ganapati vrat, Putra Ganapati Vrata, etc. Those who worship Bhakti Ganesha will be blessed with happiness and prosperity.

Bhakti Ganapathi Dhyana Mantra

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