Bhagawan Nama Smarana

Bhagawan Nama chanting must be adopted as a daily practice by us to properly sail in our life journey in order to reach the spiritual shore.Chanting of Namas is practiced since ancient times, and Lord Hanuman can be cited as a best example for chanting the Rama Nama for several millions of years. Bhagawan Nama purifies our soul boost the spiritual energy and gives enlightenment in our life.

Since in Hinduism we are having large number of deities, we can chant the names of any chief gods or goddesses, and we would get the same result, even if we chant the names of the demigods and goddesses like Indra, Chandra, Varuna, Ganga, Yamuna, Yama, Vayu and Agni.The names of the deities must be chanted with full of devotion in our mind, and during the time of chanting, we should not concentrate our attention on other matters. T

he great Varkari saint Sri ThukaramMaharaj had attained Vaikunta by way of chanting the sweet names of Lord Krishna.Initially we would get bored by frequently chanting the Divine names, but through our sincere bhakti, we would get interest in that, over a period of time.

Once if we get addicted with chanting of the almighty’s names, we would not forget about him and our entire thoughts would be on him only. We are finding it very interesting to talk with others about political and personal matters, whereas if someone asks us to chant the names of the god, we are unable to do it, since we are not having the patience to do it.The great Bhakta Prahlada had chanted the “OM NAMO NARAYANAYA NAMAHA” mantra for several millions of times, and due to that, Lord Narasimha, an avatar of Lord Vishnu, has permanently stayed in his heart. Our wishes would be fulfilled and we could get any reasonable thing in this world, if we sincerely chant the names of the almighty throughout our life time.


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