Benefits of chanting Ekadashi names

According to the Hindu religious scholars and pundits, “Once during Tapobhoomi Namishaaranya Thirth, eighty eight thousand rishis and Muni participated. Shri Ved Vyas, the chief Pandit Sutji was perfectly seated in between the 88000 Rushi Muni such as a Moon present in between the nine lakh stars. All the Hindu devotees asked with dedication and devotion to Sutji Maharaj one question. ” In the coming generation to get rid of all sorrows what is the remedy.”  On Shri Sutji said for the well being of humanity this particular question’s answer.

The Guru said in one year there are 12 months and the 12 months have 24 Ekadashis. On the other hand in a Leap year (Purshottam Maas) there is one extra month so 2 additional Ekadashi are present. Therefore totally there are 26 Ekadashi names according to Hinduism. It is to be noted that listening with dedication and devotion to the names of the Ekadashi several sins are washed away.

The names of Ekadashi are Utpana, Mokshada, Saphala, Putrada, Sattila, Jaya / Bhaimi, Vijaya, Amalaki, Paapmochani, Kamada, Varutini, Mohini, Apara, Nirjala, Yogini, Sayana / Padma, Kamika, Pavitropana, Aja / Annada, Parvartini / Parsva, Indira, Papankusha, Rama, Haribhodini / Utthana, Adik maas – Padmini and Parama.

According to the Hindu religious scholars and pundits, listening and reading the name of Ekadashi only gives beneficial fruits. On the other hand, the fast and udyapan will definitely give all the beneficial fruits of the fasting for the Hindu devotees who strictly observe with much dedication and devotion.

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    different names to chant to get benefits of ekadasi