Best forms of Donation

Best forms of Donation, what are the best forms of donation? Generosity or sharing what we have with those around us is a divine quality. There are different types of donations:

Food is the foundation of life. Hence donating food is no doubt good. If you are not able to do it daily, then do it once in a while. You may donate food on your birthday, or in remembrance of your ancestors. That is why all these rules were instilled into our culture. Especially in India, anna daanam (donation of food) has been there for ages.

Though it is said “Anna daanam param daanam, vidya daanam atah param.
annena kshanika trupthi, yaavat jeevancha vidyeya.” Which means that donating food is the best donation, donating knowledge is the best among the best kinds of donation. Food can satisfy one’s hunger for a short time, but with knowledge, one can be lifelong satisfied.

“Sarveshaamevadaanamm brahmadaanam vishishyati.” Furthermore, sharing knowledge of Brahman (supreme consciousness or Divine) is even superior to that.

If you are not doing any donation, then do the basic first. Begin with donation of food.

Note – Its an excerpt of Sri Sri Ravishankar Guruji’s Art of Living Satsang.

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