Best dates for Car delivery and buy other vehicles in 2011

Here is a guide for best dates to buy care and for car delivery, and to purchase other vehicles in 2011. On the particular muhurat, you can either buy a vehicle or sell as it is auspicious for both the business affairs. Here are the shubh muhurat for vehicle purchases in 2011.

Best dates to buy cars in May 2011

5 May 2011 – Best time = 2.12 pm

6 May 2011 – Best time = whole day as it is Akshaya Tritiya

8 May 2011 – Best time = 7.04 am to 12 noon

9 May 2011 – Best time = 7.01 am to 11.45 am

14 May 2011 – Best time = 10.14 am

15 May 2011 – Best time = 10.40 am

18 May 2011 – Best time = 10.13 am

20 May 2011 – Best time = 10.05 am

23 May 2011 – Best time = 9.53 am

Auspicious dates to purchase car or 4-wheeler in June 2011

4 June 2011 – auspicious time = 5.38 pm

The above given dates and times are mentioned as per the generalized Hindu astrology. The best muhurat and time for a person depends on his birth details and horoscope. Dates for next and coming months of 2011 will be updated soon.

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  1. parveen thakur says:

    i am dr parveen thakur date of birth 30 jan 1975 at 6 : 30 pm , i want to take delivery of my car , kindly suggest me date and time for delivery of car for saudi arabia region from 15 -18 may 2011.
    thanks , waiting for response asap

    • naveen.sanagala says:

      Hindupad publish only auspicious days and dates based on the generalized Hindu astrology. You need to contact any local pundit for other personalized information. Thanks for browsing Hindupad…

  2. rajeev ranjan says:

    my name is rajeev ranjan.may date of birth is 18.11.1962 time 22.05 hr at patna. i want to purchase a car in patna. kindlay suggest best date and time in last week of may 2011 or first week of june 2011

  3. JAGDEEP says:

    DOB 28.09.1962 4.15 AM BAREILLY UP

  4. Raghunatha Rao S K says:

    My name is Raghunatha Rao S K. My date of birth is 29.05.1969 time is 8.15 am at Coimbatore in Tamilnadu. I want to buy a car. Kindly suggest best date and time in July or August 2011.

  5. Kumarapandian says:

    Date of birth 20.7.1973.suggest a date to delivery car before 15 july 2011.

  6. vivek says:

    my name is vivek latiyan . my date of birth is 05.02.1978 time is 8.30 pm my birth place kanpur.i want to buy a new car . kindly suggest best date and time in 15 july to 31 july 2011.

  7. Bharati says:


  8. vinay kumar says:

    i want to purchase a two wheeler in july 2011. kindly suggest me shubh dates from 13-07-11 to 22-07 11

  9. Prabha says:

    DOB 14.07.1975, timings 1.57 pm. Please suggest a good day and time to take delivery of new car.

  10. Narender Kumar says:

    I am Narender Kumar from New Delhi. May date of birth is 08 October 1975. I want to buy a new car. Kindly suggest me shubh dates in July.

  11. punit says:

    i m punit kumar verma from vadodara(gujarat).my date of birth is 11 december 1980 birth place etawah(uttar pradesh).want to purchase a bike.kindly suggest me subh dates in july.

  12. m. kaushik says:

    i m m.kaushik from u,s.a my date of birth is january 28 1986 birth place candigharch india want to purchase car in u.s.a kindly suggest the date and time.

  13. vijendra says:

    i am vijendra singh rathore form jaipur my date of birth is 19 nov. 1985 my birth place is jaipur i want to purchase a car. kindly suggest me subh dates after 25 aug to 10 oct. and color or car.

  14. bhavik n motiwala says:

    i m m.bhavik nikhilbhai motiwala from gujarat ahemedabad my date of birth is 02 augast.1982 my birth place is ahemedabad iwant to purchase a car.kindly suggest me subh date after 20 aug to10 oct and 22,24,25 augast and color or car and time.

  15. vijendra says:

    i am vijendra singh form jaipur my date of birth 19 nov 1985 . i want purchase car. kinndly suggest me subh date after 25 sep. and time.

  16. sree harsha says:

    i want 2 buy a bike …………….can u recommend me an auspicious day in september 2011 plz

  17. raghvendra says:

    my DOB is 18-10-1982, pls tell me the best days in sep 2011 to buy car…

  18. anugeeta singh says:

    pls. tell is the time between 2 pm to 4 pm on 7.9.2011 is o.k for taking my new car delivery

  19. ashok kumar yadav says:

    i am ashok kumar dob is 18.06.1986 my birth place is rewari haryana.i want to buy a car.pls date between 12 oct to 24 oct 2011.time n date.

  20. Saurav Sarkar says:

    I am Saurav Sarkar and i have booked a car. Pls advice on appropiate day to take delivery of the same in Oct, 2011

  21. kiran says:

    we live in bangalore, india. we are planning to buy a car in this week i.e, between Nov 3rd to Nov 5th. Can you please suggest us Auspicious date & time to buy car in these days.

    Thanking you,

  22. suweg Pawar says:

    we live in nagpur, india. we are planning to buy a car in month of December’2011. Can you please suggest us Auspicous date and time to buy car in month of December ‘2011


  23. suresh says:

    Hi, my name is Suresh, DOB: 13-07-1979 want to purchase a car in this month, please suggest a date from now. Thank you.

  24. Vikalp Dogra says:

    Hi, my name is Vikalp Dogra. Born 02/04/1980 at 4:26 PM in Delhi. I have to take the delivery of my car and i need suggestion on what is a good date for the same. Please do suggest. Thank you in advance

  25. Santosh Kumar Gundrati says:

    Hi Sir, In 2012 what are the most auspicious months and days to buy a car. Is Shravan Month or Magha month favorable. So suggest dates in that month to book and delivery of car. Also when does Shravan month appear in 2012 (the dates). Thanks very much.

  26. sunil says:

    i am priti vats dob:02.02.1978
    on which date i should buy car

  27. ramsai says:

    my dob is April 11 1993,. i need a good day to buy a car,. can you please give some dates.

  28. Kishan says:

    My name is kishan and i want to take delivery of my car on 27th Dec 2011 my dob is 9.9.1977 @ 9am. Please suggest hows the day for the same.


  29. padmanabhan m says:

    my date of birth is 15/12/1956 star is Bharani. i want to take delivery of my two wheeler this week 21/2/2012 to 25/2/2012. Please advice
    me a auspicious day and time for taking delivery.

  30. Shriya says:

    can we buy a new vehicle on vidiya in telugu

  31. Shreeya says:

    astrological prediction for taking a car delivery on 23-April-2013

  32. Sagarika says:

    muhurat times to purchase a vehicle on 12 05 2013

  33. Elina says:

    may 2013 lunar calender for auspicious day collecting car

  34. Kashyap says:

    can i buy a car as per my horoscope

  35. Surasa says:

    Auspicious Dates for buying vehicles in month of june

  36. Shristi says:

    shubh muhurat for vehicle purchase in june 2013

  37. Bhav-bhooti says:

    best time muhurat for purchase car in the month july 2013

  38. Saransh says:

    best time to buy a new bike acc to hindu astrology

  39. Kajjali says:

    what nakshtra and dates are good for buying an new car

  40. Ekavir says:

    which all days good n auspiscious fir buying a vehicle in tiz month

  41. Dishita says:

    indian best day and time to take new car