Bala Prahalada

Bala Prahalada is the child form of Bhakta Prahalada, and in most of the pictures, he would be portrayed as a child devotee. Bala Prahalada is worshipped in Narasimha temples, and in a few temples, Prahalada is worshipped similar to Lord Narasimha, and from this practice, we can know that both Lord Vishnu and Bala Prahalada are one and the same.

The bhakti spirit was cultivated to Prahalada by Rishi Narada, when he was in the womb of his mother Ma Kayadu. When Kayada was in the stage of pregnancy, Narada used to tell lot of bhakti stories about Lord Vishnu to her, and even when she was fast asleep, the divine child used to carefully listen to the stories, and also used to raise a gentle voice, which means, “I AM EAGERLY LISTENING”. Prahalada is classified as one of the popular child devotees in the great epic Srimad Bhagavatham, and in that, it is mentioned, that those who worship the Bhagavathas like Prahalada, Dhruva and Narada shall be considered as the staunch devotees of Lord Vishnu, even if they doesn’t worship Lord Vishnu throughout their life time. Some films have been produced in praise of Bhakta Prahalada in Telugu and Kannada and it was widely recognised by the public.

At the age of 5, Bala Prahalada had been tortured by his father, and even after facing lot of hardships in his life, he never lost bhakti on Lord Vishnu. His entire thoughts revolved only on Lord Vishnu, and he has seen the vision of Vishnu, on all the things. He also crowned as a king by Lord Brahma, after the death of his father, at his young age itself. Though he has become a king for a big kingdom, he didn’t get pride, but instead of that, Bala Prahalada had provided food to more than 1000 people at his palace. He also grandly performed Vishnu puja at his palace, and was praised even by the divine devas for his sincere bhakti on Vishnu. He gave a golden rule to his people, sorted out their problems and brought happiness in their lives.

Still now we can worship the idol of Bala Prahalada in some Narasimha Temples, and in most of the Raghavendra Mutts situated throughout India, since, Guru Raghavendra’s urchava idol is Prahalada. Prahalada’s subsequent birth is Guru Raghavendra, and hence the great guru is showering his grace onto his devotees and keeping great bhakti on Lord Vishnu and his various avatars.

Bala Prahalada had built lot of temples for Lord Narasimha before several millions of years ago, and he also built a temple in Multan, Pakistan for Lord Narasimha, but it was destroyed before some years ago by some miscreants.

Prahalada Ashtakam describes about the holiness of Prahalada, about his features, his good nature, his great sacrifices etc. He has properly guided his fellow friends and made them to devote their attention on worshipping Lord Vishnu. Whoever read this Prahalada Ashtakam would get the grace of Lord Narasimha and Prahalada, and they would prosper in their lives. Similar to chanting the Rama Mantra, we can also chant the Prahalada Mantra, “OM SRI BHAKTA PRAHALADAYA NAMAHA”, and “OM SRI PRAHALADA MAHARAJAYA NAMAHA”, in order to get his blessings in our life.

The contents present in the holy Prahalada Ashtakam are as follows:

Oh! My Sweet Prahalada, you are the one who is a sincere devotee of Lord Vishnu, and you acts as an example for others, with regard to your selfless devotion on the almighty. Please hug us like an affectionate friend, and remove our tears.

Oh! My Wonderful Prahalada, similar to the mighty bear king Jambavan who had mistakenly fought with Lord Krishna, you have also once fought with Nara and Narayana, and after knowing about their significance, you have surrendered at their holy feet.

Oh! My King Prahalada, you act as a friend for the small children, and by listening and reading your excellent stories, they are also becoming staunch devotees of Lord Vishnu.
Oh! My Great Prahalada, even Lord Garuda cannot fully tell about your significance and about your love and affection showered on his master Lord Vishnu.

Oh! My Kind Heart Prahalada, you have incarnated as Bahlika, and ruled your kingdom in a righteousness manner. You have incarnated as Sri Vyasaraja and Guru Raghavendra and propagated the Madhwa Philosophies amongst the masses, and you have showered your sincere grace on your devotees, and still you are helping your devotees to cross the ocean of life.

Oh! My Beloved Prahalada, for you there is no end. You would be a permanent one, and similar to the Dhruva star, you cannot be destroyed by anyone in this universe, and your powers are unlimited.

Oh! My Guru Prahalada, you have donated all of your good karmic deeds to Lord Indra, which we cannot imagine in this today’s world.

Oh! My Lord Prahalada, you are living in the underworld along with your grandson Bali in a prosperous manner. Through your noble nature, you have changed the minds of the terrible demons and also made them into pure and pious.

Oh! My Child Prahalada, though you have ruled a big kingdom, similar to Lord Rama and Lord Krishna, you have given a GOLDEN RULE, and you have treated even your servants as your best relatives and friends and took care of them in a proper manner.

Oh! My Lovely Prahalada, though you have been granted lot of boons by Lord Narasimha, still you act like as a humble servant of him, and you appears very beautiful similar to Lord Kamadeva.

Oh! My well-wisher Prahalada, you have treated all the females as the incarnations of Ma Shakti Devi, and gave proper respect and provided proper support to them. You didn’t enjoy much pleasure in your life, and you have concentrated your entire attention on Lord Narasimha.

Oh! My father Prahalada, you lived with your consort Ma Devi in a very good manner, and you were highly respected by her, and you contain very good qualities, similar to Lord Rama and Lord Krishna.

Oh! My Brother Prahalada, your name and fame are increasing day by day, and it would never diminish. Similar to worshipping Lord Narasimha, devotees would also worship you, and please give us all kinds of prosperity in our lives, and please be with us throughout our life.


“Om Bhakta Prahaladaya Namaha”
‘Om’ is an eternal, universal sound, the Brahmanand it denotes the supreme spirit, also called as almighty.
“Bhakta Prahaladaya means, our sincere prayers to the great Vishnu devotee Prahalad”
“Nahama” means offering our salutations and Bowing our head before the great almighty.


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