Bagampriyal Temple, Thiruvetriyur

There is a famous temple dedicated for Ma Shakti Devi, and it is situated near Thiruvadanai, Ramanathapuram District. Here Devi is worshipped as “BAGAM PIRIYAL AMMAN”, and people who own farm lands at this place, would offer food grains to this temple. As per legend, the famous king Mahabali, who is the grandson of Prahalada had given a golden rule, and due to that, people in his kingdom were lived a long life, without facing any problems in their lives.

But since Mahabali wanted to conquer the celestial world, heaven also, Lord Vishnu had incarnated in the form of “VAMANA”, and pushed Mahabali to the underworld(SUTALA LOKA) using his leg, and also had given longevity to him. Since Vamana had cunningly punished Mahabali, in order to get relieved from his sins, he worshipped Lord Shiva at the present place of Arulmigu Bagamapriyal Temple. Lord Shiva had given his divine appearance in the form of Arthanareeswara, Shiva and Parvati in one body. Since Ma Parvati has appeared as a part of Lord Shiva, this temple came to be known as “ARULMIGU BAGAMPRIYAL TEMPLE”.

Devotees worship Ma Bagampriyal Amman as their beloved deity, and she also is worshipped as family deity by some families in Ramanathapuram District and she is the family deity for some families who lives in Chennai and also in other places. There is a temple tank situated nearby this temple, and it is known as “VASUKI THEERTHAM”. Most of the Devotees used to take bath in this sacred pond, and then only they would proceed to worship their beloved Amman. Devotees strongly believe that whoever worship Ma Devi at this temple, would get relieved from their physical as well as mental diseases and would get good courage, wisdom, bravery and many more.

Devotees would offer vegetables, fruits and flowers to this temple as a token of showing their gratitude to the holy Amman. Ancient Ramanathapuram Kings used to regularly visit this temple, and for most of the kings, Bagampriyal Amman was the family deity.

Hence, let us also once visit this wonderful Amman Temple in order to witness the beautiful appearance of our holy mother Ma Bagampriyal.


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