Baba Mohan Ram | Babaji | Kali Kholi Ke Sardar | Neele Ghode Wale

Baba Mohan Ram

Baba Mohan Ram

Baba Mohan Rama (1500-1530) also called as Babaji, Kali Kholi Ke Sardar, Maharaj ji, Krishna, Neele Ghode Wale, is a Hindu village god, and he is considered as an incarnation of Lord Krishna.

He contains good qualities, and he is considered as a divine personality by his devotees. His teachings tell about forgiveness, generosity,and bhakti to the God and the Guru. He asks his devotees, to surrender themselves into the feet of the Holy Guru, in order to get divine consciousness and spiritual training.

He has appeared before his true devotees in the forms of Vamana, Narasimha, Krishna and Rama. He has done severe penance in the Mountain caves in Kali Kholi, at Rajasthan, and through that, he has obtained great spiritual powers.

The place where he performed meditation had become a big temple, and large number of devotees used to visit this holy temple during festival days. Devotees believe that offering Ghee to the Holy Baba Temple,would remove their problems and the diseases. Any holy Seva performed at this temple, like cleaning and sweeping the temple, donating food to the people, cows and birds, would bring goodness in the life of the devotees. The Temple is surrounded by Holy trees, and it provides a rich feast to the eyes of the devotees. As per the instructions of Baba, his sincere disciple Sri Nandu Ji built this temple.

Baba uplifted the poor and the down trodden people and helped them to attain salvation. His appearance is similar to that of Lord Krishna and he was a handsome person. He rides on a Holy horse,and he looks like a warrior. Baba Mohan Ram is believed to be residing permanently at his temple in Rajasthan and he is still blessing his devotees. He removes the dirt from our mind, and gives more courage, wisdom and boldness, and he would be with us throughout our life.


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