Ayushya Homam | Nakshatra Homa

The Ayush Homam is the special Homa done on your birth star day. This will invoke the blessings of good health, long life and recovery from physical and mental ailments. During this Homa, the Ayur Devatha who is the chief diety is worshipped.

During this Homa, Markandeya is invoked to bless the devotee with good health. Along with this, Ashwathama, Mahabali, Vyasa, Lord Hanuman, Vibheeshana, Kripacharya and Parashurama are called upon to ensure you with the blessings for a long life. This Homa can be performed on the birth star day of the individual during the Brahma muhurtha.

Benefits of Ayush Homa

Performing Ayush Homa will give you relief from incurable sickness and bless you with a long life along with giving success in all your endeavours. It is recommended to perform this Homa once a year to get success in life. This is especially recommended for children and elders who are suffering from unknown diseases.

During the Homa, various items like ghee, boiled rice and durva grass or offered into the Homa. Lord Ayur Devatha, Mrutyunjaya Rudra and Lord Dhanvantri are worshipped. Various mantras like Ayushya Sookta, Nakshatra mantras, Mrutyunjaya mantras and Dhanvantri mantras are chanted during the homa.

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  1. sanketh says:

    My astrologer has asked me to perform ayushya homam . Can you please give me the cost of this homam and detailed procedure to perform this homam.

  2. Vamshi Krishna says:

    Can we perform ayushya homam at our residence only or should we go to a temple to perform this homam. Can we perform this havan for both myself and my son together or should it be done on separate days ? Can you please clarify on this issue as I’m planning to perform ayushya homam during Shivaratri.

  3. veeresh says:

    As per my knowledge, you can perform the ayushya homam or nakshatra homam for more than one person at a time because this homa is common to all people who are born under that star sign and if you and your kid command of the same nakshatra, you can perform the ayushya homam together…………………………..