Auspicious Months for Marriage (Shubh Vivaha Maasa)

Here is the list of Auspicious Months for Marriage (Shubh Vivaha Maasa) in Hindu calendar as per the Astrology (Jyotishya Shastra).

Auspicious Months for Marriage

Magha Maasa (January – February)

Phalguna (February – March)

Chaitra (March – April)

Vaishakha (April – May)

Jyeshta (May – June)

Though there will be vivah muhurats in all months except Ashada Month, Shunya Maasa and Adhika Maasa, the above months are highly meritorious.

In some traditions, Kartik Month is considered highly meritorious for Kanya Daana..

Please consult any jyotish or Brahmin before proceeding further and correct us if you find any mistakes in this information about Hindu marriage months.

Here are the auspicious marriage muhurats in 2015-2016

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  1. Rajiv R Maydeo says:

    Want to conduct marathi Brahmin marriage on 13th August in Bangalore. Boy is Tamil Brahmin. As per all nirnay calendar auspicious time is 2:15 in the afternoon.
    Want to confirm if OK.