Auspicious Days for Marriage Muhurat

Here is the list of Auspicious Days for Marriage (Shubh Vivaha Vaara) in Hindu calendar as per the Astrology (Jyotishya Shastra).

Auspicious Days for Marriage

Budhavara (Wednesday) – Saumyavara

Guruvara (Thursday) – Brihaspati vaara

Friday (Shukravara) – Bhrigu vaara

All the days (Sunday to Saturday) are considered auspicious for marriages but the above three days are highly auspicious and fruitful days.

Please consult any jyotish or Brahmin before proceeding further and correct us if you find any mistakes in this information about Hindu marriage days.

Here are the auspicious marriage muhurats in 2013-2014

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  1. Guruji says:

    For Shub Muhurtha,Saturdays and Tuesdays must be discriminated,while Sundays can be avoided to the possible extent.