Atthi Varadaraja Perumal, Lord Vishnu deity made out of Fig Tree

Athivaradar sleeping posture

Athivaradar sleeping posture

Lord Atthi Varadaraja Perumal is another form of Lord Vishnu, and it is the deity of the Varadaraja Perumal temple in Kancheepuram. Since the idol is made out of fig tree (Atthi), it is called as Atthi Varadar. The deity is kept in an underground area,inside the temple tank and is taken out for worship for 48 days, only once in 40 years.

The holy idol is kept in the mantapam of the temple for 48 days for the worship of the devotees, and there are two different worships done during this period.

Worship the Lord in standing posture, and Worship the Lord in sleeping posture. The idol will be kept in sleeping posture during the first 24 days of worship. The shrine dedicated to Lord Vishnu, is one of the Divya Desam shrines and believed to have been visited by the 12 Great Azhwars, and sung in praise of him.

Sri Ramanuja, the great vaishnavite saint was the ardent devotee of Lord Varadaraja.


Recently (In the year July – August 2019), Atthivaradar took out from the temple tank and gave darshan to lot of devotees. Many people visited the temple and had a glimpse of the divine lord with much joy and enthusiasm, and huge crowd were there during the entire period of 48 days. Devotees visits Atthivaradar, in order to get his divine darshan and to get relieved from their problems, to attain peacefulness and prosperity in their life.

His appearance looks very beautiful. He wears golden ornaments, and dressed in pattuvastram(Silk Dhoti), and adorned with flower garlands. He contains Sangu and Chakra in his hands with a smiling face, and blesses us.

We will have to wait for our next darshan of Lord AtthiVaradar only after 40 years. But if we have sincere bhakti on him, we can be able to see him again in our dream, and get fulfilled our wishes. He expects only a pure bhakti from us and nothing more else.

Let us chant his glory and be blessed.

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