Astrology is Smartology

Astrology is the best solution for solving our problems, though we cannot rely completely on it. Nowadays people are getting interested to know about their future accurately, and hence they are anxiously searching for Astrologers from the Google.

Even I am running behind Naadi Astrology due to my uncertain future! According to my opinion, only some Astrologers are able to predict our future life correctly. In case of Naadi Astrology, though the Naadi Astrologers are able to tell our future predictions, by reading it from the palm leaves manuscripts, but the predictions varies from one astrologer to another, since I have consulted some seven to eight Naadi astrologers recently, in order to know about my future! Some Astrologers are fancily displaying their advertisement in the Medias, in order to attract their clients, and as per my imagination, the contents might appear in the following manner, and I am writing this article, just for providing some sort of entertainment to the readers, and not with the aim of insulting the Astrologers. In fact, I very much respect the astrologers and I would even consider them as “GODFATHER”.

For recharging our …… Astrology APP, just pay Re.1/-, and enjoy the talk time worth Rs.100/-. Come to us Ugly and return back as beautiful, since we will shape your face also similar to shaping your future life. Come to us as a ZERO and return back as a HERO. We will change the old ones into gold. Hurry up. Fast, fast, fast. If I tell once, it would mean as if I have told about it for hundred times! Don’t think and think, come to us before you sink!

Consult with our world class, renowned No.1 Astrologer through phone call, Chat and Video call, since he is capable of changing your fate, just by the way of suggesting some simple Astrology remedial measures, hence, please have utmost confidence on him, and try to meet him as early as possible, since he would brighten your life like the bright sun! Don’t lose this golden opportunity, now this is the best time to consult our Astrologer!

In our ….. Astrology Centre, our Astrologer is always there to help you in resolving delayed marriage, issueless problems and for your bright future. Since our Astrologer is an honest person, you will get best future life prediction, since best ones are always sweet ones. Astrology is the best physiology, and by visiting some temples based on our Astrology Chart, even our enemies would seek apology from us. Beat the heat by entering into our Astrology Centre, since we have fitted best A/C’s in our office.

Hi, I am ….. An Astrologer resides in ….. I have studied Astrology in an in-depth manner, and I am ready to solve any type of problems pertaining to astrology. I have got clients all over the world. Even other religious people used to come to me in order to sort out their various issues. I will make the unhappy into happy, I will change the lives of the unfortunate ones into fortunate. Those who come to me would never get disappointed at any point of time. Please fix up an appointment with me, before coming to meet, and my Mobile No is.


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