Asthika (Believer of God) & Nasthika (Atheists)



Believers of the God (Asthika) can be described as the devotees of god, and have faith on him. Most of them, before starting their daily activity would worship the god, and pay their regards to him. Whatever religion they may belongs to be, they would sincerely worship the god according to their customs and traditions.

Non-believers of God (Naasthika), who are known as atheists, would never worship the god, and would depend on their own skills and knowledge. Some atheists would criticize the believers of the god, and would even oppose them towards worshipping the god and going to the temples/churches/mosques etc.

This mainly happens, due to the vast difference between the creations of the god. Some people are very poor, who even doesn’t have money to eat properly, whereas, some people would have lot of money and would lavishly spend their wealth on unnecessary activities.

Some are blind, deaf and dumb etc. Lot of healthy and wealthy people are also living in this world. Based on these differences and the sudden bad changes in the lives of the people,make them to change themselves into atheists, but they should realize that all of these are happening only on the basis of their KARMIC deeds done in the past births.

Hence each and every human being must have faith on god. The main thing is, if we ignore the help of the god, we would only be the worst sufferers in our life, and it doesn’t affect anything with the god, since he exists everywhere in this world, and he is not in human form, and he contains unimaginable energy. Hence it is always advisable for us, to regularly worship the god, and to bow our head before him, in order to live peacefully and happily.

The believers of the god would surely get the grace of the god, and in times of difficult situations, god would lend his helping hand on them. Non-believers would get their things done only based on their luck.

Hence, let us always worship the almighty and be blessed.

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