Important Aspects of Srimad Bhagavatham

Srimad Bhagavatham is a wonderful holy epic written by Sri Veda Vyasa in a good style. In this holy text, he has mentioned about the Leelas performed by Lord Krishna, about his childhood, his mischievous acts and the miracles performed by him. There are also some sub-stories and the details about the devotees of Lord Vishnu are also present in the Holy Bhagavatha Purana.

The important aspects present in the Bhagavatham are as follows:

1. The Bhagavata is narrated by Suta to Saunaka Muni and to other sages at the Holy Naimisaranya forest.

2. We would be purified by hearing the glories of Lord Vishnu.

3. We could enjoy by reading the various avatars of Lord Vishnu.

4. Devotion is a must to be followed in the Kaliyuga in order to attain the grace of Lord Vishnu.

5. Only through Bhakti, we can reach the holy abode of Lord Vishnu.

6. Devotion alone would bring peace of mind.

7. Devotion would lead to lot of happiness.

8. People must offer their daily prayers to Lord Krishna, based on their own interest.

9. By Worshipping Lord Krishna, we could attain innumerable benefits.

10. Wealth and power can be attained by worshipping Lord Krishna.

11. Knowing about the Divine Amshas of Lord Vishnu such as SanathKumaras, Narada, Nara and Narayana, Kapila Muni, Yajna, Rishabha, KingPrithu, Dhanvantari, Mohini and Veda-Vyasa.

12. Among the various avatars of Lord Vishnu, Krishna Avatar is being regarded as the full-fledged avatar.

13. Though Lord Krishna creates and destroys the universe, but he always remains as the absolute Brahman, and for him, there is no beginning or end.

14. After writing the Holy epic Bhagavatham, Sri Veda Vyasa taught the Bhagavatam to his son Sri Shuka Brahma Rishi, and thenShuka Rishi narrated the incidents from the Holy Bhagavata to King Parikshit, andat that time, RishiSuta was also present there and listened it carefully.

15. Significance of SukaBrahma Rishi.

16. Vyasa simplified the Vedas in order to make it easy to understand by the people in the Kaliyuga.

17. Vyasathen wrote the Holy epic Mahabharata in order to make the people to easily understand about the incidents happened during the Dwapara Yuga.

18. Though Mahabharata covers lot of important things, but it does not talk about devotion.

19. Even after composing the Holy Mahabharata, Vyasa was unsatisfied, since Mahabharata didn’t cover the important aspects of Lord Krishna.

20. While Vyasa was in deep thoughts, Narada visited Vyasa’s Ashram, and asked him to write about the childhood plays performed by the Supreme Lord Krishna, about Vishnu’s avatars, his divine Amshas, and also about his Bhagavathas.

21. Narada talks about Bhakti, and told to Vyasa, that by keeping bhakti on Lord Vishnu, we can easily escape from the repeated chain of birth cycles.

22. Narada tells about his previous birth and about his Narayana Bhakti to Vyasa Bhagavan.

23. Vyasa by performing rigorous meditation on Lord Vishnu had realised that Bhakti is the best way to attain the divine bliss.

24. Vyasa begins writing the Bhagavata Purana, after worshipping the first god Vinayaka.

25. As per Bhagavatham, Lord Krishna is the ultimate protector of the entire universe.

26. Krishna creates this entire universe as a playful act, but he is not to be considered either as an ordinary human or as a demigod, since he cannot be compared with anyone, and he is the Master for everyone.

27. The main purpose of the Krishna avatar is to destroy the bad ones, and to protect the good ones.

28. The world is controlled by the true god Krishna.

29. The passage of time cannot be stopped by anyone, and everyone is subjected to their karmic deeds, and they cannot be escaped from that.

30. People must always follow the path of DHARMA.

31. Our life is meaningless without praying to Krishna.

32. Krishna act behind the success of his devotees, and through him, we can attain power, wealth, name, fame and success.

33. Whoever reads or listens to this Holy Bhagavatham, would be the most fortunate ones in the whole world.

34. Our life would become totally wasteful, if we forget to sanctify Lord Krishna.

35. In this Kaliyuga, most of the people would be selfish, by thinking only about themselves and their family and would forget to protect their own religion from other religious people.

36. People would give most preference only to physical pleasures, and they would lose their interest on spirituality.

37. The Earth mother would suffer a lot during the Kaliyuga, due to the evil acts of the people in the earth, and as a result disasters like floods, cyclones, earth quakes and Volcano would frequently occur.

38. We must understand that the real pleasure in the world is about engaging ourselves with full of divine thoughts on Lord Krishna, since he is the truth, kindness, generosity, happiness, strength, knowledge and wisdom.

39. Without worshipping Krishna, the life of the people in the Kaliyuga would become most terrible and terrific.

40. The demon Kali Purusha attacks on those who have got weak temperament about them, and he would make even the good ones to turn into bad ones through his powers.

41. By chanting Krishna’s glories, our life would be safe, and Kalipurusha would not enter into the souls of the devotees of Lord Krishna.

42. We must utilise our rare life towards the attainment of the Spiritual Goal, since human Life is very short and hence it should be properly spent.

43. By performing meditation on Lord Krishna, we could purify our mind.

44. Thinking about Lord Krishna during the time of Death is not the correct thing, since we must develop Krishna Bhakti from our childhood onwards.

45. Meditate the divine form of Lord Krishna.

46. In the body of Krishna, the entire universe is present.

47. Lord Krishna is known as Veda Purusha, since he is the true form of Vedas.

48. By Worshipping Brahma and Saraswati, we could get good education, by worshipping Ma Lakshmi, we could get sufficient wealth, but if we worship Lord Krishna, we could get everything.

49. By worshipping Lord Krishna, our spiritual desires would be fulfilled.

50. Lord Krishna is the one who gives rewards and punishments based on our karmic deeds.

51. Lord Krishna is unaffected by worldly illusions.

52. All of the creations contain the aspect of Lord Vishnu.

53. Lord Krishna easily and cheerfully enters into the souls of those who think about his glories permanently.

54. Anyone who properly understands about the significance of Krishna with bhakti would be freed from the troubles and turmoil in their lives

55. Lord Krishna would be alive even during the time of deluge.

56. Life is full of sufferings, but however it could be reduced at least to some extent by keeping our attention on Lord Krishna.

57. Offer your sincere prayers to Lord Krishna, and whatever good deeds done by you, submit it at the lotus feet of Lord Krishna.

58. People in the Kaliyuga, must have to act in a proper manner, or otherwise they would be severely punished in the hands of the almighty.

59. Until the people show enough attention on the god,they cannot realise the god. Once Devotion is developed, God can be easily realised.

60. By listening to the stories about Vishnu’s devotees, such as Prahalada and Dhruva, we could easily attain the grace of Lord Vishnu.

61. It is highly impossible to understand about the entire excellent qualities of Lord Krishna.


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