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Ashtami Rohini Festival in Guruvayur Devaswom (Sri Krishna Janmashtami in Guruvayur Temple)

guruvayurappan in guruvayur temple

guruvayurappan in guruvayur temple

Ashtami Rohini, also popular as Janmashtami or Sri Krishna Jayanthi, is the most celebrated festival in Guruvayur Devaswom or Sri Krishna Temple Guruvayur. In 2017, Ashtami Rohini date is September 13.

It attracts more than one lakh devotees from all across the globe.

But in North Indian states, in Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka, Janmashtami date differs with Kerala. But this year, Janmashtami is celebrated on 5th September throughout India.

As per the Malayalam calendar of Kerala, Ashtami Rohini (Birthday of Lord Krishna) falls in Chingam month.

Devotees book their tickets in advance to offer ‘Unniyappam Naivedyam’ (Appam and Payasam – the special offering offered to Lord Krishna on Ashtami Rohini). They will collect offered Unniyappam from the temple after ‘Athazhapooja’.

Avathara Vilambaram is the colour procession held on September 3rd evening by Ashtami Rohini Aghosha Samithi. On 4th September morning, Uriyudi and Jeevatha Ezhunnellipu will be held by Nair Samajam.

Check this video for detailed Janmashtami Puja Procedure with Mantras and fully explained Puja steps..

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  1. suma devi says:

    Guruvayoor puram vazhum ente ponnu kalla kanna Innu ninte janma dina aakunnu. Aa nalla velayil ninnodu jhan apekshikkunnu kanna nee ente munnil shirdi sai babayude roopathil kudi kollukayanu nee. Bhagwane Nee poonthanathine Udalode swargathil kondupoyathupole ennayum nee kondupokan eluppam varika kanna. Jhan kathirikkukayanu kumara sai….”ananthakodibrahmandanayaka rajathiraja yodiraj satchitanantha samadsatguru sai nath maharaj ki jai”

  2. suma devi says:

    hai krishna nee enta ente comments sweekarikkathe. I wish you a happy Birth Day

  3. Ankit Paliwal says:

    I am very excitrd to come a Guruvayur mandir and also eat a langar of Thakur Ji