Ashtama Shani for Tula Rashi (Libra Sign)

Ashtama Shani for Tula Rashi (Libra Sign) effects, results, advantages & disadvantages are given here. Tula Rashi’s Ashtama Shani is considered when Shani enters into 8th house i.e. Vrishabha (Taurus) for Libra moon sign or Libra Ascendant (Tula Lagna).

For Libra natives, Shani is highly beneficial and would shows positive effect. Shani holds the ownership of two auspicious houses – 4th house and 5th house of Tula Rashi.

As Saturn prevails in the most auspicious 8th house, the power of Saturn will be greatly diminishes. What Saturn can do is remain non-functional and cannot have any negative impact on Tula natives.

Effects of Ashtama Shani on Tula Rashi / Tula Lagna natives

1. In terms of job or career, it is not a good time. Natives may feel uncomfortable at their workplace.

2. While driving the natives should be very careful. There will be some embarrassing situations

3. In terms of education, students may not concentrate on their studies. Its not a great time.

4. Some issues may arise with properties like lands, houses and other assets.

5. Some family issues may arise. Little differences will develop between elders and children.

6. But the positive thing is… all the problems may not go out of control.

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