Arunagirinathar | Tamil saint-poet, Creator of ‘Thiruppugazh’

Arunagirinathar was a great saint, a staunch devotee of Muruga, and a divine poet, who lived during the 15th century in Tamil Nadu. His important spiritual writing was the Tamil poem Thiruppugazh, which was written in praise of Lord Murugan. In Thiruppugazh, his devotion to Lord Murugahas been shown meticulously.

Thiruppugazh is one of the great devotional works of ancient literature, which was widely read by the Tamil loving people, and by the devotees of Lord Muruga. It is a general saying that, those who sing Thiruppugazh, their mouth will become sweet. It means “WE CAN FEEL A VERY GOOD DIVINE SENSE WHILE SINGING THIRUPPUGAZH”.


Arunagiri was born during the 15th century in Thiruvannamalai, Tamil Nadu. After his father’s death, he was brought up by his mother and sister. According to legends, Arunagiri was attracted to the worldly pleasures,and after some time he realized his mistakes, and decided to end up his life in the Vallala Maharaja Gopuram located at the Annamalaiya rTemple, Thiruvannamalai. But Lord Murugan appeared before him and prevented him from committing suicide, and showed him the spiritual path, and invoked him to create devotional songs for the benefit of the people. He was also known as Gopurathilayanar, since he was saved by Lord Muruga from the Vallala Maharaja Gopuram.

Spiritual Compositions By Arunagirinathar

  1. Thiruppugazh
  2. Thiruvaguppu
  3. KandarAlangaram
  4. KandarAnubhuti
  5. KandarAndhaadhi
  6. VelViruttham
  7. MayilViruttham
  8. SevalViruttham
  9. ThiruElukutrirukkai


Arunagirinathar was a great saint and an exceptional devotee of Lord Muruga. His devotion and dedication to Lord Muruga cannot be explained fully. He was such an ardent devotee of Lord Muruga. He is still residing in the hearts of Murugan devotees, and is guiding them in a proper manner. Let us worship Sri Arunagirinathar, and receive his blessings, as well as the blessings of Lord Muruga, and live happily for ever.


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