Arugampul Vinayagar



Arugampul also known as scotch grass in English is a divine grass which is used to decorate Lord Vinayaka. This special kind of grass was mentioned in ancient puranas, and also it contains lot of medicinal properties. It is a favourite grass of Lord Vinayaka, and those who adorn this grass and perform puja to Vinayaka, would receive all kinds of prosperity in the earth and also would get SALVATION after the end of their life.

According to ancient legend, once there lived a demon with the name “ANALASURAN” and he had created lot of troubles to all the living beings in the earth and in the heaven. Due to that, all the demigods and gods gathered in front of Lord Vinayaka and prayed to him to save from the demon.

Lord Vinayaka had accepted their prayers, and swallowed the demon. Due to that, Lord Vinyaka’s stomach began to burn, and after adorning Arugampul to him by the sages and the gods, he got relieved from his problem, and given a boon that whoever worships him with Arugampul would receive his immense blessings and would be relieved from all sorts of problems in their life, and can live happily for ever. Due to that, all the demigods and sages were become very happy and praised his glories.

From then onwards, people in the earth as well in the heaven, began to worship the “FIRST GOD LORD VINAYAKA USING ARUKAMPUL”.
Let us worship the great god and be blessed.

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