Mata Annalakshmi Devi

Annapurna 1

Annapurna 1

Annalaksmi Devi is also called as Dhanya Lakshmi and Annapurani is a form of Mata Lakshmi, who gives food and relieves the hunger diseases of human beings. She is called as food goddess and helps the farmers to grow sufficient agriculture crops in their farm lands. Annalakshmi Devi is also considered to be the beloved deity of Farmers since through her help only the farmers are able to meet their daily needs.

It is a must to pray to Ma Annalakshmi Devi before taking our daily food, as a thanks giving act to her. She is the affectionate consort of Lord Vishnu, and takes the form of Ma Annapurna, and provides food to all the living beings in a prosperous manner. She is doing selfless service, and she is the holy mother of the entire universe.

Out of the various forms of Lakshmi Devi, the form of Annalakshmi is considered as most important incarnation of Ma Lakshmi. It is believed that she dwells permanently in the hearts of noble and saintly people, and helps them to discharge their day to day duties in a proper manner. There are lot of slokas in praise of her, and praise Ma Lakshmi with ‘Kanakadhara Stotra’ would please her, and would grant our wishes and fulfills our reasonable desires.

We can worship Ma Annalakshmi Devi by performing puja, and by offering flowers and fruits, and also can regularly offer cooked rice with milk as holy Prasad to her. We can also offer delicious ghee sweets to her during Fridays, and due to our devotion, definitely she would taste or smell our sweets and would give her immense blessings on us. Ma Annalakshmi must be grandly worshipped during Dhanteras and Deepavali festival days by offering nice sweets and delicious homemade snacks as Prasad to her.

Ma Annalakshmi Lakshmi also destroys the evil thoughts in our mind, and gives a sound mind and a healthy body.Whoever seeks refuge to the holy mother would be blessed by her. She never leaves us with an empty stomach, and would relieve our thirst and hunger by providing sufficient food grains to us.


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