Importance of Annadanam

Annadanam means offering food. It is not limited to human beings alone. Annadanam can be provided to animals and birds also.

Nowadays annadanam is being provided in temples also. Food is the basic element of a human being’s life. Without food, we cannot survive in this world. Hence food must be offered in plenty and to the hungry person. The importance of providing annadanam in told in our Divine scriptures also. Goddess Annapurna Devi will be  satisfied and bless us, if we provide annadanam to a hungry person.

Once a person’s belly is filled with enough food, he will say wholeheartedly the food offered to him is enough and praise us. In case of other types of charity like gifting of gold andsilver, nobody will get satisfied and say enough.

In case of doing other types of charity, one has to see the quality and nature of the person while donating him. In case of annadanam, it is not like that. A hungry person is eligible for annadanam. Even divine gods cannot explain fully the merits of doing annadanam.

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