Ancient Sculptures

Ancient Sculptures in Hindu Temple

Ancient Sculptures in Hindu Temple

Ancient sculptures are carved very beautifully by the sculptors at the temples, and they act as a historical monument, and it contains rich in art and architecture. Crafting of sculptures would take a period of few months to few years, based on the type of the sculpture.

Ancient sculptors would be assigned the task of crafting sculptures by the kings, and they would be rewarded with handsome money, and their all requirements would be fulfilled. But they have to finish their work within the allocated period as assigned by the kings, or otherwise they would be punished severely.

For finishing the sculpture works in big temples, it would take lot of time, and the sculptor would get the blessings of the deities before starting his new work, and mainly he used to worship Lord Vinayaka, who is the obstacle remover, before taking up any new work assignment.

Lot of patience and mental energy as well as spiritual thoughts must be mainly available with the sculptors, since their work consists of very much mental attention, which could be obtained only through their hard work, and through the divine grace.

According to a legend, once a famous sculptor crafted the sculpture of a peacock very beautifully, and when he is about to finish his work, the peacock has got life, and started to fly, and immediately, the sculptor had damaged the legs of the peacock sculpture with his hammer, and then the peacock had remained in its position. This was happened due to his sincerity and dedication on his work, and also due to the divine grace.

Nowadays we are reading in newspapers that lot of idols are illegally transported by some people to foreign countries at a higher price. The government is also trying its level best to avoid such kind of activities, but still lot of people are doing that bad act. They are not aware of the punishment that they are going to get in their next birth, since doing such kind of sinful activities would cause permanent blindness to them from their birth itself.

Let the god correct those evil minded people, and let him safeguard his property.


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