Ancient Herbal Medicine Vs Modern Medical Science & Technology

ancient indian vedic medicine

ancient indian vedic medicine

Even from the scanty evidence in the scriptural texts still left for posterity, it is easy to infer that valuable information about the advancement of science and technology in ancient days has been lost.

There is no ‘trace, for instance, of the treatise on flora termed “Vriksha Sastra” dealing with the medicinal properties of herbs, plants and leaves. There were immediate cures for gashes and grievous injury as also treatment for fractures and dislocations. Occasions demanded, particularly during wars, that wounded soldiers should be attended to and sent to field service back within a few hours to overcome manpower shortage.

The arrows which got stuck to the body had to be removed carefully and gushing of blood stopped. They were done with the help of special plants. People who fell unconscious were brought back to normalcy by making them inhale a special type of herb. The battle between Sri Rama and Ravana in the Ramayana gives scope to reflect on the genius of our forbears and the efficacy of Ayurveda.

The Brahmastra aimed by Indrajit immobilised the entire monkey legion and also Sri Rama and Lakshmana but the medicines brought by Hanuman worked wonders and all of them were ready again to attack the Ravana warriors. The combat also proved the futility of human being’s endeavour to subvert the arrangements made by God.

 ancient indian vedic medicine

ancient indian vedic medicine

Man has to depend on Divine strength and he cannot function on of his own will. Ravana least expected that the monkeys could face leaders on his side like Kumbakarna and Indrajit. As his plans failed and death stared at him he was reminded about the curse incurred by him for his misconduct.

In his discourse Sri D. Subramania Somayajulu said that no one who followed the path of Righteousness would be let down by the Supreme Being. This was proved by Lakshmana who released an arrow, swearing in the name of lord Rama that should He really be the replica of Dharma, the foe should be vanquished. The expected did happen.

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