Alampur Nava Brahma Temple | Navabrahmeshwara Aalayam, Telangana

Alampur near Kurnool is home to the very ancient Navabrahma temples dating back to the 7th century CE. The Nava Bhrahma temples are Taraka Brahma, Swarga Brahma, Padma Brahma, Bala Brahma, Garuda Brahma, Kumara Brahma, Arka Brahma, Vira Brahma and the Vishwa Brahma.

These groups of temples are enclosed in a courtyard on the left bank of the river Thungabhadra.

Religious History

The Nava Bhramma temples were built by the Badami Chalukyas, who ruled for about 200 years from the middle of the sixth century onwards. The Badami Chalukyas built several temples in Karnataka, and the Alampur temples in Telangana. The Alampur site preserves archaeological remains in the form of temples exhibiting a hybrid style of architecture – dating back to the 6th-7th centuries CE. Some of the images from this site are also housed in a museum nearby.

Navabrahma Temples

Taraka Brahma Temple

Swarga Brahma Temple

Padma Brahma Temple

Bala Brahma Temple

Garuda Brahma Temple

Kumara Brahma Temple

Arka Brahma Temple

Vira Brahma Temple

Vishwa Brahma Temple

Significance of the Temple

Alampur is one holy place with great historical importance. Though there are no hard evidences that can trace the civilization here but the remains of some ancient temples provides a good clue. The place constitutes one of the gateway to yet another famous place, Srisailam. Alampur like the latter is popular as a holy place.

The place is many a times referred as Southern Kashi (Dakshin Kashi) and that gives an idea of the importance associated with this place. The marvelous temples and remains of some ancient ones provide great specimens of Chalukyan architecture.

The region, in the past, has been under the influence of many South Indian dynasties. The region was ruled by Narasimha and Suryanarayana dynasty in the past. The town as such has turned out to be one famous pilgrimage centre.

Other Temples Near by…

Brahmesvara and Papanatha are the 2 groups of temples on either side of Alampur.

Important festivals celebrated at the temple..

The most well known even of the city is the car festival of Sri Ajaneyaswami, which is celebrated for eight days from Margasira Suddha Triodasi, which usually falls during November-December, is one of the most important festivals and is also well-attended. Devotees celebrate Dasara Navaratri and Shivaratri as main festivals.

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