Akharas in Kumbh Mela | Shaiva Akhara, Vaishnav Akhara, Nirmal Akhara

Akharas in Kumbh Mela.. There are number of Akharas in Kumbh Mela. Akhara means a tented place where a group of Sadhus and Sanyasis gather to perform their meditation and other rituals.

According to legends and the rituals, the ceremonial procession of the Naga Sadhus is believed to be a highly auspicious celebration. The processions goes on like this – the Mahant is seated on a silver throne stop a caparisoned elephant. Hundreds of Naga Sadhus follow him. Horses and camels also take part in this procession. This symbolises the ancient Hindu organisation of Chaturanga Sena (Four-limbed army), proceeding towards the Ganga Mata.

The List of Major Akharas take part in Kumbh Mela

Shaiva Akharas

Shri Panchayati Akhara Mahanirvani

Shri Panch Atal Akhara

Shri Panchayati Akhara Niranjani

Shri Taponidhi Shri Akhara arena arbitral

Shri Panchdasnaam Joona (Juna) Akhara

Shri Panchdasnaam Avahan Akhara

Shri Panchdasnaam Panchagni Akhara

Bairagi Akhara (Vaishnav Akhara)

Shri Nirvani aani Akhada

Shri Digambar aani Akhada

Shri Nimrohi aani Akhada

Nirmal Akhara (Udaseen Akhara)

Shri Panchayati Udaseen Akhada

Shri Udasin Panchayati Naya Akhada

Shri Nirmal Panchayati Akhada

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