Agni Natchathiram 2021 | Katiri Veyil dates in 2021

Agni Natchathiram days (Agni Nakshatram – Katiri Veyil) are considered as the hottest period of the year. In 2021, Agni Natchathiram begins on 4 May, Tuesday and ends on 28 May, Friday.

Agni Natchathiram period is considered highly auspicious for Muruga Puja as per Tamil beliefs. According to Puranas and other Tamil scriptures, Agni Deva carried the Shiva beejam to Ganga Devi that became Karthikeya. Kruttika sisters bore Karthikeya and raised him. Many special pujas are offered during this period in Murugan Temples across the world.

Agni Natchathiram in 2021

Agni Nakshatram start date – 4 May 2021, Tuesday.

Agni Nakshatra end date – 28 May 2021, Friday.

Usually, Agni Nakshatram is the time period of Krittika Karte. During Krittika Karte, sun passes through Krittika Nakshatram. And actual Katiri Veyil period is of 25 days which also includes the last two quarters of Bharani Nakshatram.

Agni Nakshatram period

Bharani Nakshatram – 3rd and 4th Quarters

Krittika Nakshatram – All (1, 2, 3 & 4) quarters

Rohini Nakshatram – 1st quarter

Agni Nakshatram is not an auspicious time in Hindu Astrology for dwelling wells, bores, constructing slabs for houses, etc. It is auspicious for Grihapravesha and other house construction related works.

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