Agni Nakshatram 2023 dates

Agni Nakshatram is the period of Sun’s transit through Agni Nakshatram (Krittika Nakshatra). In 2023, Agni Nakshatram begins on May 4 and ends on May 29. This period indicates the hot summer season. It is mainly followed in Tamil calendar and Malayalam calendar of Kerala.

In other places including Andhra Pradesh, Telangana (Telugu calendars), Maharashtra, Gujarat and other North Indian states, this period is referred to as Krittika Karthe (Karthari / Katthera / Katthir).

Sun’s transit through Bharani Nakshatra’s 3rd & 4th quarters, all four quarters of Krittika Nakshatra and the 1st quarter of Rohini Nakshatra is the period of Agni Nakshatram.

As Agni Nakshatram falls during intense summers, many people avoid some auspicious programs – journeys, starting new ventures, etc.

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  1. Somaraju says:

    According to telugu vastu when is agni nakshatram starts.Because i want lying foundation for home.Plz let me know when is exactly starts and ends.