Accommodation at Srisailam Temple

Accommodation at Srisailam Temple, accommodation facilities at Srisailam Mallikarjuna Swamy Temple, Bhramaramba Shaktipeetha Temple, where to stay in Srisailam..

The Devasthanam is having individual cottages, Pathaleswara Sadan with 23 Deluxe Suites, Ganga – Gowri Complex with 110 Suits, Sivasadanam Choultry with 100 rooms, T.T.D Choultry with 10 rooms, Chandeswara Sadanam with 22 rooms and a dormitory Choultry consisting of 7 Halls.

Devasthanam is also constructing a modern complex with 64 suites named as Mallikarjuna Sadan and a Modern Guest House Bramarambha Sadan with 16 Suits and the construction works will be completed shortly.

Scroll down for the Tariff and other details about Cottages, Rooms and Bhojana Prasadam information….

Sl.No Cottages & Rooms Rent Per Day
1 Sivasadanam 100.00
2 Pathaleswara Sadanam(A/C  ) 800.00
3 Chandeeswara Sadan (A/C) 400.00
4 Chandeeswara Sadan ( Non A/C) 250.00
5 T.T.D  Choultry (A/C) 300.00
6 T.T.D Non A/C 100.00
7 Individual Cottages 600.00 to 2000.00
8 Ganga & Gouri Sadan (A/C) 650.00
9 Ganga & Gouri Sadan (Non A/C) 400.00
10 Ganga & Gouri Sadan (Hall 20 Beds) 2000.00
11 Pilgrim Sheds (No Beds) 450.00
12 Pilgrim Sheds (No Beds) 350.00


Besides this there are 40 private choultries consisting of about 1200 rooms and they are also providing accommodation to the pilgrim.

The Department of Tourism is maintaining Punnami Guest Houses consisting about 50 suites.

Bhojana Prasadams

Devasthanam is provided free and wholesome food as Bhojan Prasadam to pilgrim public during day time of every day under the Saswatha Annadanam Scheme.

Further 70 Kgs of Prasadams (Pulihora & Dadyojanam) are being distributed daily as free prasadam to the Devotees besides Bala Bhoga Prasadams like Chakkera Pongali, Bellam Pongalim Pongali, Katta Pongali, Poornam Boorelu, etc.,
Prasadam Sales

Laddu, Pulihora & Vada are available at the Devasthanam Sales Counters. The cost of the Laddu is Rs 10 /- (100 grams), the Pulihora is Rs.5/- (160 grams).

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