Aashar Month 2019 in Bengali calendar

Aashar month or Ashar mash is the third month in traditional Bengali calendar followed in West Bengal, some parts of Jharkhand, Assam, and Bangladesh. In 2019, Bengali Aashar month begins on 17th June and ends on 17th July. It is to note that 2019-2020 year is 1426 in Bengali solar calendar.

Manasa Devi Puja, Kamakhya Devi Puja (Ambubachi Mela), Jagannath Rathyatra, and Nagpanchami Manasa Devi Ashtanag Puja are the important Bengali festivals celebrated in Aashar mash.

Festivals dates in Ashar month 2019 in Bengali Panjika

Purnima – 1 Aashar 1426, 17 June 2019, Monday

Ekadashi – 12 Aashar 1426, 28 June 2019, Friday

Amavasha – 16 Aashar 1426, 2 July 2019, Tuesday

Ratha Jatra – 18 Aashar 1426, 4 July 2019, Thursday

Bipodtarini Puja – 20 Aashar 1426, 6 July 2019, Saturday

Ekadashi – 26 Aashar 1426, 12 July 2019, Friday

Purnima – 30 Aashar 1426, 16 July 2019, Tuesday

It is to note that Bengali Ashar month corresponds with Tamil month of Aani and Malayalam month of Mithunam. In North Indian Hindi calendars, it coincides with Jyeshta month and Ashad month. Ashad month is omitted for auspicious functions, and other good programs.

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    is it auspicious to move to a new house in the bengali month ashar

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    date of mansa devi puja 2019 in west bengal

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    when is the third month of the bengali candendar?