9 Mukhi Rudraksha, Nau Mukhi or Nine faced Rudraksha – Benefits, Mantra

9 faced Rudraksha, also known as Nau mukhi or 9 Mukhi Rudraksha, referred as the Goddess Durga or Shakti. This Rudraksha is also related to No Kuli Naag. Beads of this Rudraksha contain the power of Nine Deities. It is said the worshippers of the supreme power i.e. Shakti must wear this 9 mukhi Rudraksha. According to Hindu mythology; all Rudraksha symbolise Lord Shiva but this 9 mukhi Rudraksha have exclusive special nine qualities.

Nine faced Rudraksha increase the self power and increase the level of concentration. As we all know how all the fears of a child finish by hiding their head into mother’s lap; similarly wearer of 9 mukhi Rudraksha becomes fearless. Blessings of the divine Mother remain with the wearer; it provides the wearer with both salvation and devotion.

In case of distress Mother Shakti blesses with lot of dynamism and fearlessness, divine energy and power. This all qualities are essential to have a life full of success. Nine faced Rudraksha belongs to nine Naag i.e snake cobra and nine powers. It cures snake bite. For this nine faced Rudraksha bead is dipped in copper vessel having water, and then the water is given to patient who got bitten from snake. This remedy works wonder and save the person from death.

Nine faced Rudraksha helps to remove the malefic effects of kaal Sarp Yoga. It is said the person facing too many obstacles must wear 9 Mukhi Rudraksha. This beads open up the luck factor by removing every sin and provide ample of comforts and happiness, this bead is consider to be auspicious for every work.

Other details of Nine Mukhi Rudraksha:

Symbol of: Goddess Durga

Ruling Planet: Rahu

Recommended for: Intoxication, fears, phobias, compulsive behaviour, psychiatric disorders and worries

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