30 June 2022, 1st day of Shakambari Utsavalu | Hanamkonda Bhadrakali Temple

Shakambari Mata

Shakambari Mata

30 June 2022 is 1st day of Shakambari Navaratri Utsavalu at Hanamkonda Bhadrakali Temple at Warangal.

In 2022, Shakambari Festival (Shakambari Navaratri 2022) begins on June 30 (first day of Ashada masam) and will end on July 13 with Ashada Pournami Sahasrakalasha Abhishekam.

During the festival Goddess Bhadrakali is decorated as Shakambari Mata and worshipped. Each day the Goddess is decked in different form with variety of vegetables, fruits, and flowers.

Shakambari Navaratri utsavams begins with Sri Bhadrakali Nityahnikam and Utsavanugna Prarthana at 4.30 AM on 30th June. At 8.30 AM, Gauri Ganapathi Pooja, Punyahavachanam, Matruka Pooja, Ayushya Mantra Japam, etc which follows Chatusthanarchana ‘Kali Kramam’ and ‘kameshwari Nitya Kramam’. At 10 AM, Sri Bhadrakali Sahasra Kalashabhishekam and at 1 PM, Neerajana Mantrapushpam are performed.

30 June 2022, 1st day


Kaali Kramamu


Kameshwari Kramamu

On this day, Bhadrakali Mata is decorated and worshipped as ‘Kaali’ and the Goddess who blesses her devotees with the courage to fulfill their desires and wishes – Kameshwari.

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