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Dwadash Siddhividya Jayanti 2019-2020

Dwadashi Siddhi Vidya Jayanti are the Jayanti days of twelve Siddhividya Dev Devta. In 2019-2020, Dwadashi Siddhi Vidya Jayanti begins with Saraswati Jayanti in January and ends with the same in 2020.

Among Dwadashi Siddhividya Devtas, Kubjika and Parvati are Paschimambai; Annapurna and Saraswati are Purvambai; Chandika is Uttarambai; and Siddhilakshmi, Batuk Bhairav, Dakshinamurthi, Gayatri, Vindhyavasini, Aparajita and Bala are Urdhwambai. These Gods and Goddesses are worshiped for Abhishtakarya Siddhi (Immediate fulfillment of wishes).

Sri Saraswati Jayanti – 10 February 2019, Sunday

Sri Kubjika Jayanti – 2 May 2019, Thursday

Sri Siddhilakshmi Jayanti – 16 May 2019, Thursday

Sri Chandika Jayanti – 18 May 2019, Saturday

Sri Batuk Bhairav Jayanti – 16 June 2019, Sunday

Sri Parvati Jayanti – 9 July 2019, Tuesday

Sri Dakshinamurthi Jayanti – 16 July 2019, Tuesday

Sri Gayatri Jayanti – 15 August 2019, Thursday

Sri Vindhyavasini Jayanti – 22 August 2019, Thursday

Sri Aparajita Jayanti – 8 October 2019, Tuesday

Sri Balaji Jayanti – 26 November 2019, Tuesday

Sri Annapurna Jayanti – 12 December 2019, Thursday

Sri Saraswati Jayanti – 30 January 2019, Thursday

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