10-day Vishu Festival at Sabarimala Ayyappa Temple

10-day Vishu Festival at Sabarimala Ayyappa Temple will begin on 11 April 2023. The temple will be opened on 10th for 10-day Vishu festival.

Melsanthi Krishnadas Nampoothiri will open the Sreekovil of the temple at 5.30 pm in the presence of Thantri Kandararu Rajeevaru.

As an ongoing temple practice, no ritual will be held at the Sreekovil in the evening. The Sreekovil of the temple will be opened for ‘vishukani’ darsan at 5 pm on April 11.

Later, Thantri Rajeevaru and Melsanthi Krishnadas Nampoothiri would offer ‘vishukaineettam’(coins) to the devotees in front of the Sreekovil.

Jayakumar said that special rituals like ‘Sahasrakalasam’, ‘Laksharchana’ and ‘Kalabhabhishekam’ would be performed on April 15. As part of ‘Sahasrakalasam’ ritual, Thantri Rajeevaru, in the presence of the melsanthi, would conduct ‘Kalasapooja’ at Sopanam on the south of the Sreekovil at 7 pm on April 14. The ritual would conclude with the offering of ‘Kalasabhishekam’ on the idol of Lord Ayyappa during ‘Uchcha’ pooja on April 15. Subsequently, the thantri would perform ‘Brahamakalasa’ pooja at the Mandapam at 10.30 am.’ Kalabhabhishekam’, the concluding ritual, would be held after the procession carrying the ‘Brahmakalasam’ has circumambulated the Sreekovil of the temple. As part of ‘Laksharchana’, Thantri Rajeevaru would conduct ‘Brahmakalasa’ at the Mandapam of the temple at 6 am on April 15.

‘Udayasthamana’ pooja, ‘Pushpabhishekam’ and ‘Padi’ pooja would be held on all the 10 days of the Vishu festival. The temple would be closed on April 19 evening, marking the conclusion of the the festival after ‘Athazha’ pooja and ‘Harivarasanam’.

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