Varalakshmi Vratham 2014: Varalakshmi Puja, Varamahalakshmi Vratham

Varalakshmi Vratham 2014, Varalakshmi Puja 2014 date, Varamahalakshmi Vratham in 2014 in Shravana Masam. When is Varalakshmi Vratham in 2014?

Varalakshmi Vratam, Varalakshmi Puja, VarMahalakshmi Vratham is an important Lakshmi pooja in Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra & Orissa. In 2014, Varalakshmi Vratham (Var Mahalakshmi Puja) date is August 8.

VarLaxmi Vratam is observed on 2nd Friday during the Shravana masam. Because of any reasons, one who could not able to perform the Vratha on second Friday can observe the Var Laxmi Vrata on any Friday in Shravan maas.

Significance and Importance of Varalakshmi Vratam – Vara Laxmi Vratha Mahatmya

Lakshmi is the Goddess of wealth and prosperity. Worshipping Goddess Laxmi during Shravan month is highly auspicious because the whole month is dedicated to the divine couple, Lord Vishnu and Goddess Laxmi. Friday is the most auspicious day for Laxmi Devi. Hence, worshipping Lakshmi Devi on Shravan Shukravar is highly meritorious.

Ashtalakshmi showers their blessings on Vara Laxmi Vratha performers

As the eight forces of the world, known as Ashta Lakshmi – primeval force (Aadi Laxmi), wealth (Dhana Lakshmi), courage (Dhairya Laxmi or Veera Lakshmi), wisdom (Vidhya Laksmi), Children or family development (Santana Laxmi), success (Viajaya Lakshmi), food (Dhanya Laxmi) and strength (Gaja Lakshmi) are dedicated to Goddess Laksmi. Puranas described that observing Vara Laksmi Vratham would bless a woman with all eight energies for life.

Here is the Varalakshmi Vratham Procedure in detail version including Sankalpam, Mantrams, Thora Puja, Thorabandhana Puja Mantram, Vayana daana Mantram, and the list of items required for the puja.

Varalakshmi Vratham 2014 dates in Other countries

Varalakshmi Vratham 2014 date in USA – As per Hawaii, PST, CST, EST, and MST – 8th August

Varalakshmi Vratham 2014 date in UK and other parts of Europe – 8th August

Varalakshmi Vratham 2014 date in UAE and other parts of Gulf countries – 8th August

Varalakshmi Vratham 2014 date in Australia – 8th August

Varalakshmi Vratham 2014 date in New Zealand – 8th August

Varalakshmi Vratham 2014 date in Singapore – 8th August

Varalakshmi Vratham 2014 date in Malaysia – 8th August

Can we do Varalakshmi Puja on First Friday?

Yes, if you have no opportunity to observe Varalakshmi Vratham on 2nd Friday, then you can observe it on first Friday.

Can we do Varalakshmi Puja on Third / Fourth Friday?

If you missed Varalakshmi Vratham due to any reason, you can perform it on any Friday – Third Friday / Fourth Friday.

Varalakshmi Vratham 2014 Puja Muhurtham

Varalakshmi Vratham Procedure: with Mantras, list of items or material required, and Sankalpam

Varalakshmi Vrat Katha (Story of Varmahalakshmi Vrat)

Varalakshmi Vratha Katha in Telugu

Varalakshmi Vratham Puja Procedure in English – PDF Download

Varalakshmi Vratham in Telugu PDF download – Complete puja procedure with Mantras

Shri Varalakshmi Pooja Process

Shri Varalakshmi Pooja Process

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  1. Varalakshmi is another form of Lord Vishnu's consort Lakshmi, the Goddess of wealth.
    Perform Mahalakshmi Homam for Varalakshmi Vratam
    Get Acquiring Unlimited Wealth In Life..

  2. Sir/Guruji

    Sir, In august 8th i am not possible to celebrate varamahalakshmi vratha because of Period problem, i am affraid it is possible to celebrate 22 th August 2014. please give the good sugession.

  3. Thanks for the information on varalakshmi vratham 2013. i want to perform varalakshmi vratham this year. i stay in California, USA. thanks for the info once again.

  4. Here is an article about auspicious dates for c-section or cesarean dates in 2013. Please consider these muhurats have no shanti (pacification). There are some other auspicious muhurats which need to perform ‘Shanti’ after the birth of the baby.

  5. Even for the first time, if no alternative is there, she can perform the vrata on any other friday during the Shravan month. There is no fixed date for that. The dates and rituals are set up by Goddess’ devotees and not by the Goddess.

    Hope you have understood.

  6. dear sir

    i have thru your web site and found very informative this is the first time i have seen

    i updated myself lot of information about the above pooja and your answer on various questions were very useful

    I have one query i hope you can clarify.

    for those who are doing first time this pooja,,,, and not able to do on 31st july for some reasons ,,,,when they can do and what is any other process do it for that

    I know that who are doing reqularly ,,,,incase not able to do they can do it either on 7th or 14th august but for the first time ladies,,,,,she got married in april 2009,,, what is the alternate dates to do the pooja

    kindly clarify please



  7. Why Varalakshmi Vratam is observed in Sawan mahina? Is there any mythological reason behind that?